1. Be productive

  • There are 3 types mainly classified:- 1.Reactive 2.Proactive 3.Inactive
  • Reactive people complain about things for hours and they don’t even think a way to change it. They don’t even think about things that they can control which may bring a change
  • Proactive people think about things they can control and they will definitely develop it. They are the game changers. They put a lot of effort in their area and always try to develop something irrespective of bad situations

2. Look Inside & Begin with end in mind

  • Before complaining about others, think about yourself
  • Imagine that you are dead and watching you own death. Think that What did you achieve?
  • achieving does not mean a success in technical field, it involves every part of your life like Have you been a good daughter/son?
  • always begin with the end and back trace it

3. Interconnection & Priority

  • does what i want to achieve is equal to what you are doing?
  • if not, try to change it
  • think about important things in life, now think about what you are doing everyday?
  • does they match?

4. Big Picture — Think Win — Win

  • Always look from a wider perspective
  • Do not limit your view to a particular area
  • Do not let your personal interests blur your judgement
  • If you have a competition , Think a way to work around to a mutual agreement
  • For you to Win others does not have to loose

5. Don’t be Desperate — Do not loose confidence

  • People no matter how hard you work they do not give damn about it.
  • They just see the result
  • Think form their perspective — like why they have to listen to me ? / Watch me? / Recognize me? and then act accordingly
  • confidence is the fuel to your every action

6. Teamwork & Synergy

  • Synergy is the act of adding — it says the combined value is more than the independent ones
  • Teamwork does not work with everyone. But just look for the chance to interact
  • United we stand, Divided we fall

7. You are MAGIC

  • We always think about time. How to spend it and all
  • But have you ever thought that you are ruining yourselves by not knowing the value of time
  • We cannot read a book for 15 mins and we try to search tips and tricks to be successful
  • We cannot go to gym and maintain healthy food but we want a healthy life
  • We always want MAGIC
  • But just stop and think, YOU ARE THE MAGIC
  • The Light that leads the way lies in you

This is the Abridged version of a Youtube video by FightMediocrity. This article is just to share the valuable lessons for a happy life.