Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft
Dan Gillmor

Thank you sir

A very good read indeed. I never thought of a way to possibly revert to a more purist type of living with technology while still maintaining in this world and yet here you are. I damn near thought it impossible seeing as how this has become something so enmeshed into the fabric of our societies.

I was always suspicious of technology, being raised to believe that nothing is ever really free in this world and if there is something that’s free, it will most likely not remain that way or never really was to begin with. After reading dozens of articles and accounts of these massive tech giants rising to their fame and the trail of hazardous and flat-out toxic materials they’ve dumped onto the soil of unsuspecting people inhabiting the area of Palo Alto, I’m not surprised but rather more disturbed by the growing trend that I see here in the city of San Francisco and the bay area itself. Google by no means less than a hypocrite to the very motto it claims to uphold. Apple a once well run company now slowly growing out of control following the death of its creator, burrowing itself in the ear of almost every human wowed and mesmerized by both a screen and music. Facebook a virtual pedestal whose coded algorithm literally exploits the natural flaws and insecurities we humans have, turning the majority of us into narcissistic assholes. The list goes on.

Being here in the last few years I have witnessed first hand what these companies do to maintain their dominance. I mean these guys literally make their own rules and apply them over the local government. The whole thing is absurd and disorienting. Yet people keep going on, day after day. I don’t know what can really be done about any of this, truly, but it’s refreshing to see that there are people out there like yourself who haven’t lost themselves in this fucking quagmire. So, again, thank you sir.


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