Why I am writing

It is January 10, 2017, 9:17 p.m. and I am writing a story. It is nothing short of a miracle that I happen to be publishing a Medium post. I am usually content with playing games, hanging out with friends, or catching a new flick on Netflix. This is SO not me. So why am I writing?

For some context, I’m a college freshman on Christmas break. I’m studying computer science because I want to make a lot of money programming cool things. Right now its the right thing for me and I’m having fun with it. But amidst all the bustle of starting college and learning CS, I feel like my life has become a bit monotonous. Perhaps it is just a consequence of my vacation, but I feel like I should be doing more.

To alleviate this feeling, I’m feeding off the energy of creative people. Some people I have been looking at include the jack of all trades Donald Glover, the prolific singer Jay Park, and Nike CEO Phil Knight. Donald created created a show he acts in while juggling a new album. Jay Park created a successful record label in an oversaturated k-pop industry. Phil Knight traveled to Japan in the 1960’s to pitch his “Crazy Idea” for Nike. There’s one common theme to these creators: they are showing up and doing amazing work. Furthermore, their work is challenging, scary, and new. And they all had a first step. For me, writing is that challenging, scary, and new step in a creative direction.

So tonight, and once a week hereafter, I am letting loose my creative juices all over this web browser. For creation!

Here are a few more reasons I am writing:

  1. Doing something I really fear doing
  2. Becoming better than a mediocre writer
  3. Setting deadlines and acting on them
  4. This post has been a blast

See you next time.