Did I lose all my money ?

Never did I ever think that I will loose such a hefty amount of money like I did last night.

Never did I also think that I’d take such a big risk in putting all my money sources into Forex.

Never did I think I’d teach myself I life long lesson.

I usually don’t open up about bad incidents that happened to me but this time I thought I’d write it down to look back and reflect on this highlight of my life.

A couple of weeks ago, I was so excited to try something new. The odds were 50/50. I knew the possibility of either getting my money back or making more was low. But I didn’t really really think I’d lose all of it in such a short amount of time. I had a lot of motivation to invest in Forex, but I knew little. That was a rookie mistake.

This post isn’t about how sad I am to lose that amount of money because I know that I can earn it back, and I am indifferent about it. I have no attachments to money so to speak. I guess that’s the reason why I put myself in such a risky situation.

With that being said, I’ve learnt quite a few lessons from last night’s event.

  • People’s life lessons stories has no influence on me. I am the kind of person who is careful but still has to try out something myself before I can make my own judgments. I read a lot about how people have managed lose life long savings (I’m just an intern, like) on Forex and Stock markets. But I had my own judgement, I wanted to try this out for myself.
  • I am careful in a risky way. I can be super cautious about what I put myself into but I have double standards. Even when I placed my bets with what I had, I still knew I was at risk as a beginner with little knowledge.
  • I have a positive outlook for worse things that happen to me. Today, I went about my daily life like nothing ever happened. Of course, the shock is still there somewhere but I mostly feel like “I can fix this — this isn’t the end of the world”.

So yeah, this is probably the worst thing to have happened to me in 2016. I am grateful that I have a positive outlook on this, and I learnt my lesson. I am also grateful I have no attachments to money. It’s a factor in life and it comes and go.

No one ever knows what will happen, just be more optimistic to the most terrible events in your life.

What has been the worst thing that happened to you this year ? Mind sharing ?