Did you know that one worm eats half of its’ body weight each day? They do, and that’s exactly what we’re learning here at the Delta School. We have a worm box which is a 4 tier box. The top of the box has our worms in it, the second has the food for the worms in it, the third is where all of the waste ends up from the worms, and the forth is where the worm foliar or “worm juice” is collected.

A worm is a very beneficial animal. They have very long guts which are very good for breaking down food into waste or as we call it, “black gold.” The black gold can be used as soil when fertilizing plants. The black gold is organic and very broken down, which is very good for planting plants. Worm foliar is a liquid that comes from the worms. With foliar you can water your plants with it. I hope you know more about worms now and are intrigued to know more.

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