The Cheater

One of my most popular stories was about this one gal finding true, albeit imperfect, love. People loved it and the nice, warm feeling that it gave you. They just kept asking and asking whether the story was about me or about a couple I know, they really wanted to know. I never responded.

The truth is: it was about me and my life, it just didn’t end there. You see, relationships evolve or devolve, however you wanna put it, and nobody follows your story after the happy ending because it’s, supposedly, boring. More often than not the actual story starts after the “happy” ending.

I want to say that we were happily married before I met my nemesis and I wouldn’t be wrong. We were content. Life was good and I did not consider myself bisexual or gay, I was very much a plain heterosexual dude — nothing special. Then one day…

I met — let’s call him M. and we immediately hit it off. We were both married, so we had that in common. We also liked politics and good music. For the longest of time we were just that — the best of friends. He met my wife and my wife met his wife, we’d go out together, we’d plan vacations together, but nothing weird ever happened. We were just very good friends.

Three months ago we traveled (just us two) to New York to attend a mutual friend’s Bachelor party and now that I think back to it, he was acting quite weird. He had told me that he was experiencing some difficulties in his marriage and that he had fallen in love with somebody. I remember asking: “Are you sure you’re IN love? I mean V. and I always crush for random people in our lives, we talk about it and it always passes. You just have to be secure in your relationship.”

He looked at me for the longest of time and the he responded: “Yeah, it started with a crush and I just brushed it off, but now it feels like something more…”

Long story short: we get to NY and go to this party, but I can’t feel M. is not having fun and he’s distant and not his usual jokester self, so I come up with the idea to just ditch the party and stay in our hotel room — talk about his “love” thing. You see, I was pissed drunk already and I just wasn’t expecting it… And it’s really cheesy as well, because once we got to the hotel room, he turned on the radio and the song No Lie was on, so I just started dancing to it. He just kept looking at me with those perfect eyes up until I asked: “What’s going on with you?”

He ignores me and decides to take his jacket and shoes off, but then immediately after he’s done he asks: “Can I kiss you? I just want to know if it’s just a crush”.

I don’t know what went through my head, I just suddenly heard myself saying: “Sure.”

And for the longest of time I thought we won’t be able to stop kissing. It felt incredible.

And we didn’t stop there.