The “Why”s of Optimistic Rollup

What Is Optimistic Rollup?

Not this one. (Source)

I’ll Do You One Better: Why Is Optimistic Rollup?

Merged Consensus

  • A fork choice rule (how to choose between two otherwise valid chains)
  • A block validity function (state transition function)
  • A leader selection algorithm (who is permitted to attempt to progress the chain by extending its tip with a new block)
  • A Sybil resistance mechanism (Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, etc.)

Sustainable Scaling

Non-Interactiveness FTW

Demystifying Transaction Latency Claims

Optimistic rollup gives you instant, gas-free transactions!

On Data Availability Challenges

  1. Post all data on-chain all the time
  2. Use data availability challenges to only post the data when needed
  3. Use data availability proofs

Further Improvements

Teams Building Optimistic Rollup





Blockchain skeptic.

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John Adler

John Adler

Blockchain skeptic.

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