Designing for Humans

I have been thinking AI is nothing but a conservative polemicist. However, his influence has never been as powerful as today in history of humanity. He stores in his memory and categorizes all empirical information regarding patterns of human proneness, results of decisions and transitions of phenomena.

Man decides according to his bounded rationality and often leading him to unexpected consequences as a result of external variables. On the other hand, AI is an empiricist and does not make the same mistakes twice.

Now, what steps are left for humanity? Becoming a liberalist in a sense as counterworking conservatism is unlikely. The other route humanity can take is be to share reality via ethnography and to strengthen the power to empathize through sharing the pain of others as one’s self. I believe empathy enhances evolution of the human brain. Designing for Humans is an act left for humans to strategically enlighten empathetic capacity through restructuring hands-on education and social ethics.

Plus, Modern world based on trust to anonymous work. I don’t know where our plastic lunch boxes come from or who makes them each day. How can I believe that my lunch box is not poisoned? Our system is based on trust between people who we don’t know. It is so un-stable. One worker can break this system easily. We should take care anonymous tasks and treat it as a human-beings. This is the very first step of Designing for Humans.

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