Leaping from the future

As a venture investor my job description has many aspects but one of them is probably to be able to show proficiency at helping other entrepreneurs to navigate from their present to their future self.

Leaping into the future is hard enough as it is with all the myriad of obstacles that try to block our ability to advance in our external world.

However, I have observed that the most difficult barriers exist in our own minds. Mental barriers of old ideas that we can’t let go of. Emotional barriers of difficult feelings that sometimes we aren’t even aware that we feel, much less have the ability to shake off.

You would think that our ego would want us to succeed and be happy in the future. Actually I think that these internal blockages, prove that the ego is trapped in the past and is determined to avoid the necessary change and growth that leads to success. Actually all the ego wants to do is to be able to keep a fixed version of you from the past and present alive in the future.

So the vision we have of our future successful selves is a threat to the ego because it involves shedding its own skin and transforming into something new — but transform we must if we want to achieve enduring success.

So, the choice in any moment is really clear. Are we advancing into the unknown, leaping towards a future self that does not yet exist? Are we growing? Or are we stuck trying to make excuses for our old ego being defensive against the constructive feedback we need to grow and constantly blaming others for our mistakes instead of learning the valuable lessons that these mistakes and failures teach us?

The gravitational force of the past and present ego is extremely strong and it is not easy to reach “escape velocity” by just committing to Leap INTO the future.

I find that the best thing to do is to Leap FROM the Future. In order to transform you must have such a burning desire to succeed and achieve your potential. You should anchor and tie your brain mentally, your heart emotionally and your soul spiritually to your future self and let him or her pull you into the new you.