With MagicLeap, Google, Apple, Facebook and all other tech giants entering this domain, Augmented Reality has been the talk of the town( Only after people are done with Blockchain) from the past 12–18 months.

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Augmented Reality Furniture Application by ADLOID

Most of the craze came from Pokemon-GO, the little game that achieved success on a scale of $Bn and made AR mainstream overnight. But AR has still struggled to produce the next Pokemon-GO, or the next big application that will reach the masses and create the pull factor for the technology.

However, Many industries are exploring the technology as they believe it has the potential to improve their businesses. Automobile dealers, Furniture Retailers, gaming enthusiasts, Fashion Retailers, Architects and interior designers etc. …

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As a $1.5 trillion global industry, sports are big business. From playing on the field to live streaming a game to a mobile device, it’s no surprise that sports have always been quick to embrace new technologies from radio to television, and now mixed reality.

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Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple

Have you read the Steve Jobs Biography?

Well, of-course you have. There are so many things you can learn from the book like thinking big, thinking different, power of design , drive, vision etc etc.

Having said that, the Book has also done a disservice to young entrepreneurs in the technology business. It gave us the permission to be assholes.

I found there’s two things that can happen when you are put in a power over employees.

  1. You can either say- This is a chance to put into practice all the things I know are right, and to treat people the way I always wished I’d been treated. …

What is a “Hell Yes” Business?

Hell Yes are those 1% of businesses which know how to trade on information and anticipate which revolutions they should ride on.

Multimedia revolution — Instagram>> “Hell Yes”

Digital connection revolution -Twitter>> “Hell Yes”

Door to Door revolution — Amazon>> “Hell Yes”

Information trade is not only about collecting big data and running analytics, it’s also about understanding consumer trends. And the best way to achieve this understanding is by being a consumer yourself. So, the next time you see something new and exciting, don’t filter it.

Be excited to consume it and understand it. It will bring you closer to building a “Hell Yes” business.

Next Revolution?

AR and VR

Let’s see which giant rides on its back!

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Apple’s ARKit & Google’s ARCore

Augmented Reality today has reached an inflection point where all three superpowers in technology — Apple, Facebook and, Google have released AR Development kits for smartphones. It was obvious to developers that this was inevitable. We did argue about the winners and losers or who would get there first but it was obvious. Scenario took an unexpected turn earlier this year when Facebook launched it’s AR SDK and was the first one amongst the top 3 to do this. We as developers thought Google would lead this market as they were the ones who gave us the Google Glass, Google Glass 2 and Google Tango Devices. …

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I don’t know.

What’s the next big thing after Google/Facebook?

I have no idea- And that’s the beauty of Day Trading your attention and trying not to have opinions.

What if 1996 told you about email,

2001 told you about Google,

2004 told you about Youtube,

2007 told you about Twitter.

I don’t know if AR will get here fast enough. I don’t know how soon we are going to wear Augmented Reality lenses and live in an augmented world.

What I know is that the market does not care about my opinion. So I am going to work hard, stay up late, educate myself and use my intuition and skill to understand consumer behaviour. Be open to new things that are disrupting consumer behaviour.

Opinions can kill your business.



ADLOID is one of the leading ventures in AR/VR. Sports fanatics, musicians, painters, writers, we’ve got them all in the company. Follow us towards the future.

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