How I Met You (Letter 02)

If you haven’t read the first letter, it is recommended that you read that first in order to understand the context of this letter. Here’s the link

Dear mine,

Child therapist Haim Ginott remarked in the middle of twentieth century, “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” I remember this quote because I recited it in the school assembly probably when I was in sixth grade. I forgot the meaning or essence of this quote but the words stayed in some distant corner of my memory. I recalled them last year and to my horror, I was still a child. In retrospect I have been extremely naïve. My opinions have been harrowingly easy to mould. I realize this now, a little too late.

I was in an all boys’ school from fourth till tenth grade. What that entailed apart from severe shyness and lack of confidence was having crushes on teachers. Though I do recount cutely chasing a classmate of mine in third grade that was more of an innocently playful thing. It was my eighth grade English teacher that I had a crush on. (It’s funny that I still use the word crush but I didn’t know what liking someone meant until a little later.) See, that’s the time when I hit puberty and started making one bad decision after another. She was younger than most teachers, tall, fair and spoke fluently. (You’ll learn about my obsession with English teachers and their daughters soon enough.) No, I didn’t do anything inappropriate or stupid with respect to this crush. In fact, she is responsible for making me the writer / poet that I am today because she used to love what I wrote. Sometimes you just need someone who believes in you and she did. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to publish a book but if I do, she’ll be the first person I’ll thank.

Towards the end of ninth grade, I joined tuitions for Maths. There were 3 non-coed schools (including mine) in my city and tuition centers were rivers for our hormonal thirst. That’s where I met Davina, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend.


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