Proven Advertising Techniques to Attract That Key Customer

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to write an advertisement that converts leads. You just need to follow a system. All it takes is a proven formula you can use every time you build an ad. In this best practices article I’m going to walk you through the success factors that go into a top performing ad. When you consistently incorporate all of these elements into your ads, you’ll start to see a profitable result every time and generate sales from the right types of customers:

The Access Factor

This can be as basic as your hours of operation. You want to answer the question: When can I reach you? How can I get in touch with your business?

The Speed Factor

How fast can you deliver service? Domino’s Pizza became famous by delivering pizza in 30 minutes or less. Perhaps you can deliver service in 60-minutes, provide same day scheduling or offer clients a 7-day window.

The Different Factor

When comparing your business to a competitor who offers the same solutions, how are you different? Why should I do business with you? You can answer these questions by outlining how many years you’ve been in business, list your special licensing, training or credentials or perhaps you offer a specialized service or work with a very specific demographic. Put yourself in your prospects shoes for a minute, when comparing apples to apples, what is the one thing you have over your competitors that will help you win the business?

The Call-To-Action Factor

You would be surprised how many ads are in your local newspaper today without a call-to-action. Your ad has to answer the simple question: “What’s in it for me?” You could position a discount, special offer or give away a free appointment or in-person estimate. The goal of the call-to-action is take the prospect to the next step in your sales funnel. The call-to-action is one of the most important Ad Copy Factors. Without a call-to-action you’re burning ad dollars.

The Trust Factor

People do business with people who they like, know and trust. Trust can be earned a couple of different ways. You could capture customer testimonials on video and publish them on your website and use them in your marketing. You can ask your clients to review you on local review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, or you can position trust by affiliating yourself with a trusted 3rd party like a local chamber of commerce or the BBB.

The Local Factor

There’s no question that there is a certain audience in your target market that prefers to do business with the “local guy.” The best way to appear local is to work in the name of the city or town in your ad copy in addition to using a local phone number vs. an 800 number.

The Promise Factor

There’s a very good chance you are an expert. You can do things nobody else can do. You have a special talent that has put you in the position where you are today. Now it’s time to make a bold claim, putting 100% confidence in your ability to deliver the goods.

What is your promise to your new customer? What can you promise that no one else is willing to do or commit to? With my pay-per-click management services I offer a money-back guarantee. I’m very confident in my ability to deliver what I say I’m going to do and if I can’t deliver to my clients’ expectations they don’t pay. At the same time, I don’t have any contracts. These are two promises I make that not a lot of my competitors are willing to make and as a result I’ve built solid relationships with life long clients.

How can you do the same? What can you guarantee? What will you promise if I purchase from you? What happens if something goes wrong and I’m not happy? How can you minimize the risk a prospect may have as they weigh the decision to do business with you?

These are 7 factors you want to work into your ads to get the best possible outcome. There are 3 additional factors I teach in my free training program — the Ad Copy Formula. Go to to get your free copy and discover how to build a top performing ad.

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