Cardhu Gold Reserve

This is definitely one of the better NAS whiskies I’ve had, it’s very nice. Very sweet and smooth, honey-like, with pleasant burn and aftertaste as it goes down, just right for a sore throat :)

It’s very nice and drinkable, could quite happily sip it all evening, neat, or with a dash of water or an ice cube to make it last a little longer!

The honey may make it a bit too sweet and overpowering for some, but I would happily buy this again. However as often is the case with my whisky purchases, I paid £25 in the supermarket, not the £42 RRP, it’s the £25 I’d happily again, I don’t think I’d pay much more than that.

One day I’ll treat myself, probably in a pub, rather than to a whole bottle, just in case, to a more expensive whisky to see if I can taste the difference.