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Awesome first day experience.

After two fantastic years in Munich with SinnerSchrader, I’m back in San Francisco and started my shiny new job at Buoyant as VP Engineering.

My time abroad provided some much needed space and insight, as well as the realization that I wasn’t quite done with this whole crazy startup thing. But more specifically, that the most satisfying career moments I’ve had were working with open source and leading technical teams.

Buoyant is a small but mighty team working hard to craft the story of tooling, reliability and security for the “service mesh” — the fancy way of referring to the mess of micro services running on your production hypervisors. The core technology is called Linkerd, originally built at Twitter in Scala and now enjoys extensive and accelerating industry adoption (Salesforce, FOX, Expedia, etc). Not to mention the newly minted Linkerd 2 (formerly Conduit), which is a Go and Rust re-write designed to simplify setup and configuration with the “out of the box” Kubernetes integration. The vision is big, and fits into the reality that the way we build and operate software is going through a major transition — but I won’t get into the details here. …



Technologist, adventurer, I like a nice glass of scotch.

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