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Awesome first day experience.

After two fantastic years in Munich with SinnerSchrader, I’m back in San Francisco and started my shiny new job at Buoyant as VP Engineering.

My time abroad provided some much needed space and insight, as well as the realization that I wasn’t quite done with this whole crazy startup thing. But more specifically, that the most satisfying career moments I’ve had were working with open source and leading technical teams.

Buoyant is a small but mighty team working hard to craft the story of tooling, reliability and security for the “service mesh” — the fancy way of referring to the…

Thanks Europe, that’s a wrap.

Our favorite breakfast spot, around the corner in Schwabing.

The last blog post I wrote before life got busy in Munich was about our moving process. But instead of following it up by more blogging, we focused on being in the moment. But now that we’re back — here’s the scoop on what I can remember!

After arriving, we focused on getting our bearings — simple stuff, like where to buy shampoo, get a key replicated, or how to get new contact lenses. …

Our attempt to document some of the gotcha’s.

Your identity and stuff

Compared to the United States, if you are an educated working professional — it is pretty easy to get a VISA that allows your to work in Germany (especially if you are in technology or science, see the blue card). I’m told that even if you want to go for a year and learn the language, it’s pretty easy to do that too. However, not everything about the rest of the “getting established” process is trivial.

First off, when you arrive in Germany, you need to both apply for residency in the area you will be living as well as…

We didn’t leave San Francisco, we went to Munich.

In 2006 I graduated from college, and within 48 hours I was headed to San Francisco to work in tech. I’ve never looked back, and I have no regrets.

I had long been inspired by technology, especially that of the epic saga — Pirates of Silicon Valley. Before I knew it, college had ended, tears had been shed and there I was — working at OSAF with Mitch Kapor and a room full of brilliant software legends trying to change the world. My six month contract turned into full-time, Megan and I started spending more time together, and time did…

I’m joining Betable, to disrupt gambling

tl;dr - I took the job as VP Engineering at Betable, and I’m really excited about it.

It had been a long time since I last seriously considered a new job opportunity. The last time around my priorities were focused on product considerations; open source, developer tools and cloud services. But this time around, I spent a considerable amount of time re-calibrating and identifying what I needed out of my next chapter. My first initiative is to continue growing and developing my leadership and organizational skills (time to make all new mistakes!). And secondly, after 5.5 …

The Android Experiment, Cold Turkey iPhone.

Nexus 6 with case, pretty bulky.

My friends have always been divided, either you use the iPhone and can’t imagine otherwise, or you use Android (and swallow the jokes about battery life and clunky UI) — but you tout the ecosystem, and features like tethering. Either way at the end of the day we seem to get by just fine, other than when I’m trying to use iMessage on my laptop and you have an Android device… :)

As I defined in my other blog post “Google’s Project FI, can you hear me now?”, I was interested in trying out their experimental cellular “carrier” and the…

Backpacking Europe, Tips and Gear

I did essentially no research before heading on my trip, so I thought it might be useful for someone out there if I wrote up a brain dump of all my conclusions regarding travel logistics. Enjoy.


First things first, dealing with the airport. Carrying a giant backpack, if you go to the check-in counter you can guarantee that they will tell you that you must check that giant pack as it won’t fit, because the flight is full, or whatever it is. Therefore, you don’t go there at all. You need to make sure your backpack will happily go…

Google’s “Project FI”, Can you hear me now?

Project FI!

A month or so before I started considering a trip abroad, I read a blog post about Google’s “Project FI”. The concept that Google wants to become it’s own cellular carrier (or even become an abstraction over other carriers) — is quite an interesting move, especially — given my history of endless unhappiness regarding my phone carriers. Having traveled to Europe a number of times over the last 5 years, I was always extremely frustrated with the $30 for 120mb of data — really? Of course two weeks in Europe, especially if you intend to continue doing your job, means…

A Farewell to Sauce Labs

The ever recognizable Sauce Labs logo.

Five and a half years ago when I started at Sauce Labs it was a small group (in a small office) with a mission from god to not only build a cloud service for test automation, but to build a global community around CD (continuous delivery). It was a big vision, with lots of unknowns and like anything worth doing — it was a roller coaster ride from day one.

Since then, I’ve attended and presented at conferences all over the world, helped to hire a world class Engineering, Operations and Support organization and have seen global adoption of CD…


Technologist, adventurer, I like a nice glass of scotch.

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