No one ever asks women what they want. They feed us bullshit like Sex and the City and tell us it’s feminist. Instead, we get books like Hanna Rosin’s End of Men where she takes a single study based on a few dozen college students and snowballs from it a ridiculous theory that actually women don’t want love anyway because — get this — it gets in the way of their careers.
The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Yup. All of us — ALL of us — are potential prey for superficial trumped up BS that is marketed as research or, worse, as reality. Everyone’s at risk, because almost everyone has been conditioned not to question what they are given by the educational system and the mainstream media but, instead, to gobble it down like Tove Lo’s Twinkies. Information is like Doritos now, right ?— “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more!”

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