Monday Motivation: Gratitude & Why

You may have woken up this morning and found the first few thoughts on your mind to be those of dread: another day at that job, dealing with unsatisfactory weather, facing that person you don’t like or simply not “feeling it” today. I get it. We’ve all been there and go there at one point or another, me included.

But on this Monday, the first day of this new month of August, I want to present two new weapons in your arsenal to deal with those mornings and days: gratitude and your why.

Gratitude: a feeling of appreciation or thanks

Merriam-Webster tells us above what gratitude is: a feeling. A feeling not unlike the others that can fill our heads every morning. The only difference being that this particular feeling is a positive one. It doesn’t cost you any money and it’s not a rare mythical thing. But it does have a worth and value far greater than any sum of money or precious metal. It also has the power to positively influence and shape your mind and attitude for the rest of your day.

Why: for what reason or purpose

Our two friends Merriam and Webster are back again. Your why is your reason, your purpose. Ask yourself: for what reason do I push through the daily grind? Perhaps you’re building a specific set of skills or experiences to set up your entrepreneurial pursuit, working to provide a better future for your family, or laboring to break a barrier for your peer group. Either way, we all have a reason — or rather, a purpose — for what we do. It may be buried deep inside, either forgotten or yet to be awakened. But it is most definitely there. And we must find a way to tap into it if we are to conquer the daily feelings of dread.

My purpose is to help others discover and become the best version of themselves. And I am thankful for every day I am blessed enough to have another day to continue working towards fulfilling that purpose. This is the thing that fuels me and pushes me through my feelings of dread and fear and apathy. And this is the thing that has birthed this post.

So as frequently as I am able, I’ll be using this medium (corny pun, I know) to share thoughts, words and reflections to keep you going, keep you encouraged and keep you challenged to push towards greatness. It’s a work in progress and there will likely be hiccups, mess ups and hurdles. But I — and we — will push through. LET'S DO THIS!

Onwards and upwards.