Monday Motivation: The Show Goes On

For some, Mondays represent the coming of yet another day or week of dread and anxiety. For others, Monday represents the renewing of the opportunity to build towards the future they desire. Same day for all. Different meaning for many.

I can certainly admit my own troubles at times in wavering between these two representations of this day that marks the start of the week. I’ve had times when I had absolutely no desire to face yet another day of what was going at the time, whether it be job, finances, or any other number of things that tend to drive our anxiety. I’ve also had times when I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up and the day to start so that I could partake in the hope and joy of what was to come.

What I’ve discovered through those experiences is that, regardless of what we do or how we feel, those days will pass. Whether we choose to be sad and frustrated, or happy and enthusiastic, Monday will become Tuesday, and the week will go on. It’s the realization that time waits for no man or woman to do what it’s got to do — the show goes on.

And so if we understand that neither our actions nor our thoughts can stop the grains of sand from trickling down the continual hourglass of life, why should we find ourselves afraid to face the day? How then could we use any of the precious seconds, minutes, hours, or even days that we’ve been granted in a position of stagnancy?

Our decisions to cower from the days and opportunities in front of us — yes, they are indeed decisions we make — serve absolutely no one and no useful purpose. They don’t help us move forward and they certainly don’t pause the rest of the day until we are ready to face it.

And so on this Monday morning, I challenge you to resolve yourself to get up and face the day head on. You may have challenges and difficulties today or this entire week — face them head on. Being anxious, being in denial or being scared do you no service. If time is going to pass and move forward, you might as well join the ride and do all you can to also push yourself forward. And I promise that as you do, you’ll find those feelings of anxiety, frustration and fear will slowly and eventually start to subside as the energy of your mental focus begins to spread throughout your mind and body.

If you’re in need of additional motivation to get you started and keep you going, take a listen to Lupe Fiasco’s track titled “The Show Goes On.” It's one of my favorite tracks to keep me going. I’ve included the hook below.

Alright, already the show goes on

All night, till the morning we dream so long

Anybody ever wonder, when they would see the sun up

Just remember when you come up

The show goes on!

Onwards and upwards.

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