Noticing Your Blessings In Plain Sight

Since you’re reading this post, there’s a fairly high likelihood that you were afforded the chance to wake up this morning. You got to take that first breath. You got to reflect on your yesterday and got to think about what you would do today. In short, you were afforded the opportunity to keep working on and walking towards the future you desire.

For so many of us, we wake up with the default setting of our disposition to be pessimism and helplessness. We awaken not with a spirit of fortunate possibility, but with an expectation of unfortunate circumstance. And when something positive happens to occur, we label it a “blessing in disguise.”

The funny thing about the “disguise” that so many of our blessings arrive in is that they are completely of our own creation; we perceive a particular situation or circumstance as being unfortunate and thus, any positive outcome happens in spite of the perceived negativity of the situation.

What if we were to instead perceive the circumstances of our lives as holistic blessings? What if we saw each situation as an overwhelmingly positive experience that happens to have a few unfortunate aspects? What if each circumstance was truly a blessing with a journey attached to the realization of the blessing?

As radical as this may sound, we already embody this approach in other important aspects of our lives. The earning of a college degree is the ultimate realization of a multi year journey, not a happenstance blessing disguised as several years of laborious work. The growth of new muscle and the losing of weight is the result of tireless efforts in the kitchen and in the gym, not the random outcome hidden in months of exhausting efforts. Lastly, the birth of a newborn is not a blessing disguised as nine months of pain and discomfort; it is the realization of one of the ultimate joys and blessings in life and it happens to entail a nine moth journey.

The overwhelming majority of our blessings, both those past and those to come, involve some sort of work, effort or long journey. Our perspective on whether those blessings are “in disguise” or “in plain sight” is completely dependent on how we view all of the difficulties that come in advance of the realization of the blessing: are they the necessary steps to your blessing or are they the unnecessary delays to your blessing? Restated in a phrasing we are more familiar with: do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full?

The perception of the coming realization of your blessings will always be dependent on your disposition. You alone have the power to decide how you will view any situation or circumstance.

I encourage you to choose the vision of the winding journey and not of the delaying detour. Your decision could very well open your eyes to the many blessings laying in plain sight ready for you to walk into them!

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