You Were Built For The Storm

Life sucks sometimes. Like, completely sucks. Whether it’s a saddening family situation, financial hard times, a depressing health prognosis, an unfortunate career turn, a crumbling relationship, or one of a number of potential negative outcomes, life sure does have an uncanny way of reminding you that you are not in control of everything that happens to you.

Yet despite all of this, we still have reason to move forward. The ironic beauty in life’s many downward twists, turns and spirals is that they cannot and do not have the final say in your story. Your very presence in this moment right now is a living testimony that none of life’s past attempts at your sanity and spirit have yet to be successful. Your being here today, reading this message, highlights that despite the unfortunate circumstances that have come your way, you’ve soldiered on. Your progress may have slowed or detoured but it has not gone backwards; you’ve continued moving forward and are further in your journey right now than you were in those yesterdays.

It can be so hard to capture this when we’re in the middle of the mess. So often when we’re in the eye of the storm, all we can see around us are the ominous clouds of difficult times, closed doors and missed opportunities. We can’t possibly fathom the prospect of pushing through to clearer days and calmer seas.

In all honesty, I would argue that the storm is the very place that we belong. Yes, you read that correctly: that crappy situation and those tough times are just right for us.

Think about it; if we claim to want to become the best of who we can be and prove to ourselves our ability to not only survive and thrive, what better place to be able to display such things than in the difficult times? Where else would we display our fortitude, our resolve, our determination, our strength, and our will to succeed were it not for the storms of life? What good would it be for us to “talk the talk” without ever having to actually “walk the walk?”

In your own life, how much would you trust a pilot who had never experienced the suddenness of turbulence? How much would you trust a trainer who had never labored through the pain of difficult workouts? How much would you trust a surgeon who had never gotten blood on his sleeve? So why then, would you shy away from those situations that give you a chance to prove who you are and to shine your light on the world?

So the next time you find yourself wrestling with the pain of hard times or the difficulty of disappointment, remember who you are and what you were made for. If you’re lost in the storm right now, remember the many past trials and tribulations you’ve faced and made it out of. Use them as your fuel to push you through; you did it before and you can most certainty do it again. And if you somehow happen to be someone currently sailing into your very first storm, know that you’re not the first and this most certainly won’t be your last. You were built for the storm. You got this!

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd

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