CTF Challenge n3ph4ck Writeup

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Nephack has been ended on Jan 7 . Congratulation to all the participants !!! Warning before reading this , please visit CTF Url and play there first.

So,till now there are 26 challenges available and only on some of them i have authority to do blog. Later on other challenges solutions, writeups, ctfnews will be posted on 0xctf.blogspot.com \ ;)

CTF URL: ctf2018.cynicaltechnology.com.np

Skip this part, if you’re here just for writeup

Contest Information

  • The registration link is available on Jan5/Jan 6 on the event date at IT Park.
  • Registration Charge is Rs. 250 per person.
  • Contest will be available only for 2 days , ie. Jan 5 & 6.
  • Solving each problem will get certain points. Winners will be ranked by points.If the points are the same, the winners will be ranked by time of the last correct submission.
  • Flag format: cynical_flag{Secret-Key}
  • Game makers and staffs will not be counted in the ranking process.

Contest Rules

During the contest, any of the following behaviors will lead to the disqualifications :

  • Any behavior that compromises the fairness of contest
  • Publishing, exchanging problem solutions
  • Attacking any personal, including participants and non-participants, or the contest system itself.
  • One team can only have max of 3 player.
  • Each player can only join one team.

Stop the talk, lets begin to read

1. Ok Deal ! Eat , (200)

Our HeadEnginner Johny “Deal&Eats Alot” !!!
Inside flag.txt

Just looking at the hints and title, i guess you would probably solve it easily, HeadEnginner = HeadEr , Deal & Eat = DELETE

Without any delay, just change the HTTP request header methods to DELETE,

Flag: cynical_flag{Fl4g_401_Unauthorized}

2. Someone’s Hungry! (300)

our bro bhoklayo is hungry, hope you feed him !!! How can you ?
viewing the source of the challenge URL

Notice that icon image, what’s inside that ?

Base64 multiple times encoded

Don’t know how much time this might be encoded, bash comes handy here !

From there, we get a URL Link /bh0klay0.php

Hungry huH ? c00KIE ?

Cookie for you

curl ‘' -H ‘Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate’ -H ‘Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9’ -H ‘Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1’ -H ‘User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.108 Safari/537.36’ -H ‘Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8’ -H ‘Cache-Control: max-age=0’ -H ‘Cookie: party=JTU5JTMzJTZjJTc1JTYxJTU3JTRlJTY4JTYyJTQzJTMxJTZkJTU5JTU0JTUyJTcyJTVhJTUzJTMxJTZkJTYyJTQ3JTQ2JTZlJTY1JTMzJTQyJTY4JTYzJTZlJTUyJTM1JTU4JTMyJTRlJTZmJTU5JTU3JTM1JTZlJTVhJTU2JTM5JTZlJTU5JTU3JTQ2JTc5JTY2JTUx’ -H ‘Connection: keep-alive’ — compressed

Cookie : party = some encoded text ,

After Base64 Decoding :


After Url Decoding:


After Base64 Decoding:

:¼ þ;Å%Ÿ

Adding 2 equals ( == ), Y3luaWNhbC1mYTRrZS1mbGFne3BhcnR5X2NoYW5nZV9nYWFyfQ==

After Base64 Decoding:


Changing Cookie : party = cynical-fa4ke-flag{party_change_gaar}

Flag: cynical_flag{dai-pheri_bhok_layo}

3. UFO: Alien Invasion (300)

File: alien.wav

Not a Steg challenge this is, you could hear DITS AND DATS from audio file , might be Morse Code ?

Morse Code : Audio Decoder https://morsecode.scphillips.com/labs/audio-decoder-adaptive/

Flag: cynical_flag{AL13N_EX1STS}

4. Dig Deeper Deeeeeper (400)

How many web servers do we have , is there anything vulnerable on back end ?

From web challenges, you could collect 3 IP Address

Do Port Scan

Notice Port 443 , do telnet


Irssi : https://irssi.org/

Irssi. Chat Client.

sudo apt install irssi

[(status)] /server 443


Administrative info about nephack.irc
12:xx -!- Join channels for flag
12:xx -!- Main Server Administrator
12:xx -!- <root@m4f1a>


Channel Users Name
12:20 -!- #z3r0Xflag 1 [+nt]
12:20 -!- #ZEROxthisisflag 1 [+nt]
12:20 -!- #cynical 1 [+nt]
12:20 -!- #flag 1 [+nt]
12:20 -!- End of /LIST

Topic for #z3r0Xflag:


After Decoding hex

FLAG: cynical_flag{w3_lav_r3laych4t}

5. Broken Image (200)

cynical forensic team recover a harddrive, but the image is corrupt, Ideas !!! ?

gimp -c brokenimage

(gimp:21326): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_set_is_valid_property: object class ‘GeglConfig’ has no property named ‘cache-size’
GIMP-Error: Opening ‘/home/gangsta/Downloads/brokenimage’ failed: Unknown file type

What could be web images most made of ? Obviously, JPEG || PNG

cat, file, strings won’t help you here, Do hexdump

What’s that hex header ?

File headers are used to identify a file by examining the first 4 or 5 bytes of its
hexadecimal content.

PNG : 89 50 4E 47

Save the image and open with any Image viewer you will get the flag

Flag: cynical_flag{jp3g_is_good}

6. Hail Kim Jong-un (100)

Who loves atomic explosion?


This is nothing, just a ATOM-128 Encoding. Use any decrypter you’ll love to use. My recommendation :

Flag: cynical_flag{n0one_\<3_at0mic_explosions} (Remove \ )

7. Wanna Die (200)

File: crypto.enc

What’s that .enc file be ? Openssl enc’d data with salted password

gangsta@heykar:~/Downloads$ file crypto.enc
crypto.enc: openssl enc’d data with salted password

Google, how to decrypt enc file from openssl, asks password while decrypting.Password is : nephack

gangsta@heykar:~$ openssl enc -help

gangsta@heykar:~$ openssl enc -ciphers

Ciphers used in this file : aes-128-cbc

Block ciphers operate on a fixed length string of bits. The length of this bit string is the block size. Both the input (plaintext) and output (ciphertext) are the same length; the output cannot be shorter than the input

gangsta@heykar:~/Downloads$ openssl enc -d -aes-128-cbc -in crypto.enc -out flag.txt
enter aes-128-cbc decryption password: nephack

gangsta@heykar:~/Downloads$ cat flag.txt

8. Ditching (300)

harke got dumped by his girl, give him a suggestion : you mustn’t think more about your Ex OR one time girl she was !!!


Have some read first :

In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is an encryption technique that cannot be cracked, but requires the use of a one-time pre-shared key the same size as, or longer than, the message being sent.

The one-time pad was re-invented in 1917. XOR operation can be used for the encryption of a one-time pad. The XOR operation is often used to combine the plain text and the key elements, and is especially attractive on computers since it is usually a native machine instruction and is therefore very fast.

Dig more and more !!!







Looking at title,message and hints you could have some idea that it may be some one time pad encryption with XOR.

Crib Dragging attack can be used to crypt analyze One-Time Pad with reused key (XOR two cipher texts together).

cribdrag — an interactive crib dragging tool for cryptanalysis on ciphertext generated with reused or predictable stream cipher keys.


Starting cribdrag

So, we already mention the flag pattern, type cynical_flag{ at crib

0: neplcpital{cy ,

The first one looked like a valid key.

neplcpital = kathmandu , put cynical_flag{kathmandu in message

Game of guessing

that’s like flag pattern again , changing crib part and enterning crib neplcpital{cynical_flag{

kathmandune , what’s ne ? Guess the word : if you’re guessing nephack instead of nepal , salute _/\_

crib : cynical_flag{kathmandunephack

cynical_flag{kathmandunephackkavRe_hack || neplcpital{cynical_flag{IT_m33t_k4vr3}}

Flag: cynical_flag{IT_m33t_k4vr3}

9. Privacy WAR (300)

Private VS Public

cynicalsecret.zip contains public key and a encrypted file

gangsta@heykar:~$ openssl rsa -inform PEM -text -noout -pubin < cynicalpublic
Public-Key: (399 bit)
Exponent: 65537 (0x10001)

Either you could solve this challenge by converting this hex to decimal and factorize, get prime numbers ,export private key using python tools, libraries


Clone this tool,


RSA tool for ctf — retreive private key from weak public key and/or uncipher data

./RsaCtfTool.py — publickey ../keyhere — uncipher ../filehere — verbose — private

Flag: cynical_flag{p00r_rs@}

10. Don’t trust the logs (100)

Somebody is playing with our systems, can u find what’s wrong on this log file ?

Download the log, do cat | grep “flag” or grep “{“

Someone Enter the system and ROT THE flag with N String Digits

plavpny_synt{jryy_v_ybir_ubj_lbh_fbyir} — ROT13

gangsta@heykar:~/Downloads$ echo “plavpny_synt{jryy_v_ybir_ubj_lbh_fbyir}” | tr ‘[A-Za-z]’ ‘[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]’

Author: 0xctf.blogspot.com

Blog Updated on : http://medium.com/@alpha.

Greetz to them : @___0x00 ,cynical technology

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