Businesses pop up, brands are cultivated.

While building brands does take time and effort, by focussing on the most effective marketing strategies to-date and taking advantage of the power of inbound marketing, your team can boost brand awareness, and then some.

While there are plenty of strategies that you can implement to build your brand, from SEO to social media ads, if you don’t have an in-depth understanding of who you are trying to reach out to, then you may not create the type of connection and engagement that your business needs.

That’s why it is so important to build your buyer personas before you start working on your strategies.

Once you identify, research, and develop your primary personas, then you know who you are crafting your content for and can better develop your marketing strategies.

Why Buyer Personas Matter for Brand Building

Buyer personas are important for building your brand because they help you and your marketing team create better content, improve your SEO efforts, and gain better quality leads.

When you understand clearly who you are reaching out to, it is possible to tailor content to meet the needs of your potential buyers.

Only if you know who you are talking to will you be able to master the art of content marketing and get the quality leads that you need for great ROI.

You’ll be able to:

  • Meet your customers or clients where they are on social media, whether they are creatives who dwell on Instagram and Pinterest or professionals who spend most of their social media time on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Use the right voice and style in your content that will speak to your buyer personas.
  • Offer the best value. If you know what questions your potential buyers have, then you are better equipped to post the link to the article, develop a white paper, or create an informational video on your brand’s social media channels that will make your visitors say, “That’s exactly what I was trying to find out!

When you can do this successfully, the visitors you bring to your site from your inbound marketing are more likely to engage.

With great personas, you’re going to have the social media interaction. Leads are going to sign up for your newsletter and download your eBooks.

Your buyers are going to care about your brand.

Crafting Insightful Personas That Work

Here’s how to get started making your personas.

Once you and your marketing team know your audience like the back of your hand, then you can put your elegantly crafted content to work for your branding efforts.

First, identify;

Who buys your products and services? Start with the basics, like their age, possible professions, and lifestyle. What would a typical day look like for this individual?
What problems do they have that your brand can solve? What are their objectives and goals? How can your brand help them achieve these goals?
What questions would your buyer personas need answered?
What challenges do your buyer personas face on a day to day basis?
What about long-term challenges?

A common mistake that marketers make is focussing too much on the buyer, while neglecting the process that the buyer goes through. When building your personas, include information on their journey. What impacts your buyers when they make a purchase decision — their boss, peers, a budget?

And, look at their decision criteria. What is your buyer looking for when they weigh your brand against your competitors?

To start, you can answer all these questions, but for the real meat and potatoes, it is also important to research your buyers.

Information such as salary ranges, background, and lifestyle habits of the typical buyer personas x, y, and z can help you better flesh out the identify of your target audience and better meet (and exceed) their expectations. Ask existing customers that fit into your identified buyer persona description these questions and more. Then look at the data to create more accurate personas.

Once you have your personas mapped out, you can make lists of the most relevant keyword phrases that will attract visitors with your inbound marketing techniques and start putting your marketing plans into action.

You’ve Made Them, Now Don’t Turn Your Back on Them

There’s no question that buyer personas are important for building brands successfully, yet few companies consistently use them.

This is where your marketing team can gain an edge in understanding the positive impact that your personas have.

A survey conducted in 2015 in the U.S found that only 8% of marketing professionals and in-house business teams believe that at least three-quarters of their organisation can adequately describe their buyer personas!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of ignoring the details and just pushing through with your marketing team’s traditional strategies. However, consumers today expect more. They want their brands to ‘get them.’

Savvy, modern consumers expect more personalised, custom-tailored interaction; this is what conveys trust and value — and garners brand loyalty.

If you can’t speak directly to them, then they are unlikely to listen. In fact, they will probably turn to your competitors who have mastered the art of utilising buyer personas.

Brands like Jet Blue, Zipcar, and Apple are successful because they know who they are marketing to.

Jet Blue, for example understands that their customers are mostly younger, budget travellers who want a great balance of comfort and affordability.

The company utilises social media channels in a big way to reach their plugged-in millennial audience and speaks in a voice that younger people are more likely to respond to.

It also highlights the benefits that its personas want, attracting leads with cheap flights and convenient booking methods. This is absolutely masterful, and successful, branding.

Take the time to get to know your audience and they are more likely to respond to you.

With well-developed buyer personas, your marketing team has the foundational information it needs to craft effective, laser-focussed content that will engage your audience and get the high-quality leads that you want.

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