Why implement a Virtual Walkthrough at Retail, Hospitality & Real-estate business.

Let us define the meaning of window-shopping and why people are “into it”?

“When we talk of the term window-shopping, we basically mean the process of looking at or browsing goods that are offered for sale. People engage in window-shopping mainly for two reasons. The first reason is because it is a form of a recreational activity. The second reason is because there is an intention of purchasing the things displayed later on.

Today, the act of window-shopping is not restricted to physical retail stores alone because of the fact that window-shopping is now done online. People can now use the internet to browse through items being sold on online shopping sites. There are so many companies which offer internet users the unique ability to sit in the comfort of their home and have access to online window-shopping”(source by hosbeg.com)

VitrinaBox is a SaaS B2B (currently running beta) platform that “transforms” your physical business to digital while creates an Instant Virtual Walkthrough. Promote your retail, hospitality, tourism & real-estate business and make your customers experience as it was actual there! VitrinaBox features like call-to-action price tags, treasure hunt, panorama pictures, 360 panorama spins and many more to attract and interact with your potential customer. Embed this amazing content on your website, share it through social media or even use it as a standalone URL for your email campaigns.

VitrinaBox team is proud to announce that, IKEA - Housemarket, has already signed up with VitrinaBox, launching simultaneous projects in three countries, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria! IKEA aims to engage prospective customers into the VitrinaBox digitalized window-shopping experience, in order to build customer awareness, increase customer trust levels towards the brand and “upgrade” its’ overall customer experience. Customer engagement works both ways either digitally on the retailers e-shop or either drive real-life traffic to their physical store.

“At IKEA, one of our top priorities is maintaining the highest standards possible when servicing our customers. We want customers to feel as if we acknowledge their needs and constantly facilitate their everyday lives. With the application of the Instant Virtual Walkthrough, in IKEA, we gave our customers yet another chance to draw inspiration from our physical store and to explore solutions for their homes as if they were actually there!”
Managing Director @ IKEA Greece.

“Using the power of VitrinaBox, businesses can create powerful engaging experiences for their customers in order to boost physical and digital traffic and increase their revenues”
VP of Marketing @ VitrinaBox

To conclude, virtual walkthrough tech can help increase reservations, click-through rate, boost digital/physical traffic and most importantly increase customers’ trust towards your business!

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Enjoy the walkthrough,

VitrinaBox Team.

Instant Virtual Walkthrough experience

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