Build a website and popup for your group events like music tours, festivals, conference

Mar 11 · 4 min read

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  1. Click on the top right ‘Create Event’ button.
Dashboard page

2. Choose ‘Group events sell tickets under your own brand’ and click ‘Pick a template and create’ button.

Select your goal

3. Choose the template you want to use as your website. You can click ‘Preview’ to see the demo page of this template. When you decide to use this template, click ‘Buy template’.

Group template listing page

4. Select how many months you need to use this template and write down your information. If you have a discount code, you can apply your code on the right side.

Template checkout page

5. Select how many events you would like to create. For example, select 2 events.

Choose the number of events you want to create

6. On tell people about your event page, fill in the blanks you need. The parts with the ‘star’ icon are mandatory parts.

Caution: If you want to create two events, you need to create the event one by one. To save your time, you can select ‘Import the same information form your existing events’ to load event information you created before.

Import event info created before

7. After fill in all the parts you need, click on ‘Save and continue’ button.

8. On the template edit page, following the instructions we provide.

Guide on the template edit page

9. Edit all the parts you want to change. Click ‘Save’ on the top right corner when you finish editing, then click ‘Next step’.

Finish editing your template

10. Next, you will go to the website edit page, you will notice the image has changed to the template image you choose. Now you can edit your website again or pick another website templates.

Website editing page

11. Now you can create your website popup by clicking ‘Edit all popups’.

If you don’t want to create now, you can click ‘Skip this step’. You can add the popup anytime you want on website creating page.

Popup setting page

For the people want to create popup now, choose ‘Add a new popup’.

12. Select which type of popup you want to create, you can create all the popups by editing them one by one. Let’s choose one of them first. For example, click ‘Create a popup for every visitor arrival after delay’.

Popup setting page

13. Set how many seconds you want this popup show when your customer open your website. Then click ‘edit popup’ to edit the popup.

Popup editing

14. You can change the background of this image by double click the image, change the text on the input box. When finish editing, click the ‘Save’ button.

Popup editing

15. Now you can preview the popup style. For the next step, you can click ‘Save setting for current popup and go to the next step’ to go to the next step or click ‘Save settings for current popup’ to continue to add and edit another type popup.

Save popup

16. Congratulations! Now you can click ‘Publish your event’ to go back to the dashboard page and view your website!

17. On the dashboard page, you will notice the events you just created have a label on the top right corner which is ‘Group event’. That means these events are in the same group.

Caution: At this time, If you want to modify your website content, just simply click on ‘Website’ on any of these events in the same group. Then you will be redirected to the website editing page, just edit and save your modification, all the changes will be applied to the events in the same group.

Dashboard page

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