Sell general admission tickets with Chumi

Mar 11 · 2 min read

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Ticket purchase sample
  1. Click on the top right ‘Create Event’ button
Dashboard page

2. Choose ‘Single event sell tickets under Chumi brand’ and click ‘Start to sell tickets’.

Select your goal

3. On create an event page, fill in the blanks you need. The parts with the ‘star’ icon are mandatory parts.

Create an event page

Caution: On ‘Create tickets’ part, choose ‘Paid tickets’ to create general admission tickets. If you change your mind, you can click the ‘Reset’ button beside to create other type tickets.

Select ticket type

4. After fill in all the parts you need, click on ‘Save and continue’ button.

5. Now you have created your event successfully! You can check your event page now or go back to the dashboard/event list page by clicking ‘Publish your event’.

6. On the event list page, you will see the event you just created. Now you can simply manage your event!

Your event list

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