A picture of a machine used in the manufacturing process
A picture of a machine used in the manufacturing process

Whether you’re looking to design a new product, dealing with unexpected supply chain delays, or simply looking for a more local solution for your manufacturing needs, there are several reasons you may need to introduce a new supplier to your company network.

While building new supplier relationships can seem daunting, this process allows your company to cut back on costs and find solutions that are more sustainable, efficient or innovative. Therefore, be sure to keep the following factors in mind as you begin your journey of selecting your company’s supplier.

What are my own needs and requirements?

Before reaching out to or even searching for a new…

An article by Sri Linga and Yacine Mahdid

If you have a huge list of data on your website, you should expect it to be really hard for the users to find specific piece of information they’re looking for without special tools such as filtering.

Let’s say you visit online shopping site to buy a specific branded product, assume there is no filter option to see only the products list of the brand which you wish to purchase imagine how difficult it could be to check each product to see which brand it belongs to.

In this article I will…

An Article by Apurva Shah

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

One of the important aspects of web development is availability. The platform must be available to the authorized user whenever requested. However, even when all best practices are followed, there are unanticipated events that lead to downtime. During such events you have few common choices:

  1. You find the cause of the downtime and till then let the platform be down. This may take from a few minutes if the problem is easy to solve, to hours if it is complicated, which incur a loss by the business.
  2. You can have redundant resources. This choice would…

An article by Apurva Shah

On the verge of understanding web application security the first topic that pops up is the authentication. This article will address one of the important topics “token-based authentication” that contributes to web application authentication. The main essence of this article is to understand the issue with the JSON Web Tokens, what is the solution for this issue and how the solution can be implemented in the DjangoREST framework. This article is useful for someone who aims to build or want to increase the security of an existing web application that uses JWT authentication.

These days…

An article by Nikita Letov

Opening a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model within a web-based service can be more challenging than one could think. This is mainly due to absolute or partial inability of existing online approaches to perform complex computations with appropriate performance.

However, as we don’t want to bring the whole CAD system online and only want to view CAD models, we reduce the complexity of the problem enough to have already existing and working solutions. …

An article by Nikita Letov

The issue of having different file formats for providing (more or less) the same data to the user — is not new in any field. And ever since this issue was first observed, there were file converters from one format to another.

In computer-aided design (CAD), however, this issue is brought to its absolute. CAD software is used on all stages of engineering process: from designing the first drafts to running simulations on the final design and further. …

An article by Yacine Mahdid and Ying Zhang.

Modelization of DFM

The definition of design for manufacturability (DFM) goes as follow: “The general engineering practice of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture” [0]. Doing so will invariably improve the return on investment by reducing cost and avoiding problems during the manufacturing process. DFM allows problems to be caught when the cost of error is the smallest (i.e. when the part isn’t being made yet). Even if a part is manufacturable, one should always consider whether it could be manufactured faster and/or cheaper using DFM principles.

For computer…

An article by Sri Linga

Every business deals with data. For any data driven business Analytics plays crucial role than anything else, it always supercharge business.

Data analytics is the process of how you mine, model and extract data to generate powerful insights that can help the business find efficiencies, uncover opportunities, and solve problems didn’t even know you had.

There are great tools on the market that give you the depth and quality of information to understand how users actually use your site versus how you wanted them to. …

An article by Apurva Shah.

In the process of acquiring knowledge about how an application can be deployed using different AWS services, one can have a hard time finding articles explaining the complete process. The information is scattered and vague. This article breaches the gap by covering the general deployment process.

In this article, we will launch an instance, assign Elastic IP to it, create a database, request the SSL certificate for a new site under an existing domain, create an Application Load Balancer (ALB) that has HTTP/HTTPS listener and finally create records sets using Route53.

This article is useful…

Les contrecoups de la pandémie liée à la COVID-19 se font ressentir dans tous les milieux. Certains, dont on entend parler de façon journalière, doivent s’adapter à une plus forte demande. C’est le cas des services de soins de santé, services gouvernementaux, services de livraison et bien d’autres. D’autres industries, évidemment, sont au ralenti. C’est le cas du secteur manufacturier au Québec.

En début de crise, Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec (MEQ) estimait que 90% des entreprises manufacturières québécoises allaient devoir fermer en raison des directives gouvernementales. Cela représente près de 21 000 entreprises. …


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