Hydroverse Joins Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia: Paving the Way for Standardisation and Transparency in the Hydrogen Industry

2 min readMar 3, 2023

Hydroverse, an innovative hydrogen startup, has become a founding member of ZCHA, the leading peak advocacy group for the ongoing energy transition. The move highlights Hydroverse’s commitment to shaping the future of the hydrogen industry, particularly in the areas of standardisation and transparency.

As a founding member of the council, Hydroverse is well positioned to bring its innovative ‘Proof of Origin’ solution to the forefront of the conversation around standardisation. This solution provides a trail of digital evidence from the production, storage, transport, and consumption of hydrogen in real time. It ensures that claims of “green” hydrogen are not just empty corporate statements but are backed by real data, protecting against greenwashing.

Hydroverse is leading the way in creating a more transparent and sustainable hydrogen industry. By offering solutions for tracing, verifying and certifying hydrogen, Hydroverse is setting the standard for the industry, ensuring that it is as clean and efficient as possible. With Hydroverse’s solutions, the sky is the limit when it comes to the low-hanging fruit applications for green hydrogen.

Hydrogen is poised to revolutionize the certification industry by collaborating with other certifiers, producers and consumers. As the world looks for more sustainable solutions, Hydroverse is a great opportunity for investors looking for cutting-edge technology with sustainable impact in the reg-tec space. If you are an interested investor, make contact and get in early to become part of the hydrogen revolution.

Visit https://www.hydroverse.com.au/ to schedule a call and learn more about how Hydroverse is leading the charge towards a more sustainable energy future.