Accepting Glitzkoin (GTN) Tokens using Stellar Term

For you to be able to accept Glitzkoin (GTN) tokens you would need to activate you Stellar Wallet and then establish trustline by accepting the GTN asset.

Each stellar wallet has the ability to hold all the different types of tokens available in the Stellar network. You can also login to any of the accepted wallets using your private key, and manage your tokens.

Please find below the process of activating your Stellar Wallet and then logging into Stellar Term with your private key and accepting the Glitzkoin tokens.

For all those people who are already using StellarTerm and have their wallets activated, you can skip to step 3.

For all those who have an active wallet but have never used StellarTerm can skip to step 2

Step 1:

Please deposit 2XLM into your Stellar Wallet. You can purchase this at any exchange and then transfer it using your wallet using your public key.

These 2XLM needs to be stored as a minimum balance in your wallet. If at any time in the future you choose to sell or use the GTN tokens, you can withdraw the 2XLM deposit too.

The approximate cost of 2XLM at current market rate is $0.40 or 40 cents.

Step 2:

Logging into Stellar Term

Please visit and press the Login Button. You can also download the StellarTerm native app for Windows/Mac OSX from here. StellarTerm native app exactly mirrors the website in terms of functionalities, so we will only show instructions for the website in the rest of the post.

In the login screen:

Logging into StellarTerm

Please enter your secret/private key and log in to your account.

Step 3:

Upon logging in, please click on ‘Accept assets’

In the accept assets section:

Searching for GTN tokens using Anchor Domain

Please enter “” as the anchor domain in the ‘Accept Assets via Anchor Domain’ section. If “” doesn’t work, try typing in “”.

After clicking on Accept GTN, the token will appear in the ‘Assets you Accept’ Section. Please make sure the “Issuer” address for GTN token starts with GARFMAH and ends with 2HTBA46.

Confirmation that you have accepted GTN tokens

You can now accept Glitzkoin tokens.

Celebrate with a beer! :)