Write What Sells
Mateja Klaric

First off, the medium ‘selections’ are incredibly insulting to the intelligent authentic human. By and large they are sensationalistic tripe for the mainstream mind-programmed sleepers.

Personally I couldn’t stand the painful reminder of how utterly ignorant mainstream population is, so I deleted my account. The only reason I am back on medium now is because of you and your willingness to explore beneath the rampant surface fallacies. Your articles are now the only ones I receive from this source.

This fascination with the $ making meaningless bullshit is a mass affection and addiction for illusion. Everywhere truth is imprisoned beneath masks of the opposite ilk, with lies masquerading as fact distributed by those who clearly do not have the peoples best interests. This belief in the smoke and mirror reality of the maTRIX world is the foundation for the unabated nature of the eco and genocide continuously perpetrated upon the life of this planet that the enslaved survival mode refuse to see.

Why is this relevant to you and this article? Because there are two worlds each with distinctly opposite operating systems. One where the trickery of the surface illusion is taken for truth, that’s the enslavement/$ generating world of the maTRIX to which you don’t belong to and don’t really want to. And the other, the natural world of this planet, of the authentic, the true and the truly human. This world doesn’t respond to $ and technology. It responds to truth. Truth is the ambrosia of the natural world from which abundance flows; it is the poison of the other.

Like the 2 worlds (there are many more but for the sake of this illustration I refer to the 2 primary) it can be said there are basically 2 kinds of people for these two worlds. The people who are still mostly human find themselves to be an anathema to the matrix machine, the ones who are chewed up and spat out by a demonic system they have become inured into believing is real and something that must cleave to for survival, or something to be resisted, often to a level of debilitating physical denial and suffering.

Until we can undo the generational brainwashing that has led us to deny the truth, we will not learn how to create the beauty of the life that awaits us in the natural world, nor will we tap the most urgently needed liberating power from within. In this ‘between two worlds’ is where you, I, and a growing minority currently exist.

This is the great transformation. People are now sorting, choosing every day in every little and great way — which world has their loyalty, their life force, their soul. Know it or not. Most are not aware of the ramifications of what they do, and therefor of what today’s choices will mean to their life reality in the time to come.

Tomorrow’s liberated and hero’s are the ones who today, with utter devotion, dig deep to retrieve truth from her imprisonment to free themselves and to share this liberating truth with others no matter how painful and inconvenient it will be. You are one of those people, without you and people like you — the planet would be truly SOL.

It is my knowing that the closer a person gets to truth, the greater the pain, and likewise the liberation, inherent power, the greater the occupation of the natural world, and knowing of how to manifest from within its OS.

When our consciousness, heart and soul, have clearly chosen this avenue the more we begin to see. Likewise the struggle abates bit by bit until it evaporates into the illusory reality it originated from. When firmly ensconced in the true nature of the authentic reality of this planet a natural abundance that is not reliant upon struggle or anything outside of self — will simply be. Truth lovers are now sacrificing the unreal for the real while they build the bridge to the real. It’s up to others to follow, or not.

I applaud and appreciate you for being real. Thank you for your very good service to us all.