Productivity is quadruple when Organizations invest in the health of their employees

Jul 30 · 3 min read

According to the World Health Organization, for every euro that the Organizations invest in their employee’s healthcare, there is a 4 to 10 euro return in productivity.

We spend over a third of our lives at work. Therefore, taking care of mental health in this environment is key for health at world levels.

A study published by Forbes this year presents evident data about the benefits of investing in employees’ mental health.

91 million working days are lost in the United Kingdom due to mental health symptoms, whereas in the USA, 400 million working days are lost. Among these symptoms stand out: severe -and even sudden- mood changes, lack of attention and memory loss that affect the efficient performance of tasks, forgetfulness and delays in meeting deadlines, internal communication problems that hinder teamwork, and even creativity and motivation.

It is not only urgent to introduce systems directed to the management of mental health symptoms, but rather to also incorporate prevention and early detection procedures of the same. The creation of healthy habits, the equitable distribution of workloads, fostering the ergonomic use of work tools, as well as access to quality psychological support is fundamental to preserve health, something Wemby specializes in.

Wemby, fully dedicated to health in the organizations with a high social impact, provides tailored measures for organizations that wish, on the one hand, to reduce the losses that entail poor mental health symptoms in their employees and, on the other, to increase their productivity.

This year, after implementing Wemby’s online psychology therapeutic services in one of the world’s largest NGOs, where the employees suffered from high levels of anxiety and stress, we saw stress levels reduce by 20% after only 3 months of psychological support provided to employees, and by 30% after 6 months of therapy.

Anxiety is the symptom that mostly affects staff in Organizations and the one that most reduces the efficiency of performance at work. Wemby counts with a team of psychologists who are experts in anxiety, stress, and burnout. Over 90% of Wemby’s users refer to a significant reduction in their anxiety levels in only 2 months of customized psychological support.

Becoming aware of the responsibility of looking after the mental health of the individuals that are part of our work teams is fundamental for Organizations to become healthy and economically and socially solvent.

A corporation that is healthy at all levels (economically, socially and professionally) is constituted by healthy individuals. The most efficient Organizations know this, and they are already investing in preserving the mental health of their staff and providing quality psychological support to their teams.

It is a concluding fact that the teams quickly experience the healthy benefits obtained from investing in health, whereas the employees’ sense of belonging increases significantly when they feel that their corporation looks after them, with the consequential reduction in turnover, talent leakages and sick leaves; conditions that result in so many economic losses.

Raising emotional intelligence, fostering healthy work schedules, caring for the psychological wellbeing, integrating tools for the management of stress and anxiety, are the best competitive advantages for today’s corporations.

Written by Teresa Salgado, Psychologist

Teresa is a psychologist with Wemby. She has more than 10 years experience providing therapy in private practice and before becoming a psychologist Teresa spent several years in the HR department of multinational companies.


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