Wemby launches a pilot with Save the Children to improve the mental health of staff in challenging locations

Jul 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Wemby is excited to announce a pilot with Save the Children, Spain ‘STC’ tailored to the needs of their staff working in hard-to-reach locations across the world.

Save the Children, is one of the leading international aid organizations and provides support across the globe to improve the lives of children who are suffering from disease, violence, and poverty. In the past year alone it has served more than 56 million children through their programs.

Working in international aid can be extremely stressful and can take a significant toll on the physical and psychological wellbeing of staff. Wemby helps STC employees cope better with the challenges of serving in high-stress situations, to become more resilient and to be in the best shape to carry on their mission.

The pilot is already reporting strong results with the staff. Features such as ease of use of the platform, confidentiality, knowledgeable therapists are able to deliver real value to STC staff.

A recent report from Empresas Sanas y Saludable points out that up to 60% of sick leave days in Europe are due to stress in the workplace. Stress, anxiety, and depression in the workplace are significant challenges faced by employees today. The problem in the humanitarian aid space is even more pronounced. According to The Guardian, 80% of employed staff have considered, at some point, to leave their jobs due to stress.

Wemby is a mobile service providing accessible, independent and discreet access to mental health support. We focus on prevention and response to stress, depression, burn out and work-related trauma. Traditionally, providing quality mental care for workers outside of major urban areas has been challenging. Combining technology, content, and live therapists Wemby delivers support to those who need it most in an effective, sensitive, and timely way, whether they are suffering in a remote country, or in a modern office.

Miguel Garcia Monge and Ana Alonso Caballo of Save the Children, pointed out:
“With this initiative, we aim to prevent and improve the approach we have towards stressful situations generated by the nature of our programs. Our objective is to improve the satisfaction and productivity of our staff, resulting in higher quality and dedication in helping the children.

We chose Wemby to help us achieve this goal, due to their innovative program blending together technology, live therapists and a holistic approach to wellbeing. “

Wemby’s unique approach:
Technology + humanity
Through our initial survey, we profile our users and then match them to a therapist. Once they have started using Wemby, they will receive personalized content and have access to a wealth of resources.

The employees can connect with the therapist via video-call or chat in a discreet way. Information is kept strictly confidential ensuring effective independent support. Once a user is matched with a psychologist, the relationship becomes consistent and ongoing, the user point of reference. This puts an end to the ineffective calls to support hotlines.

Additionally, we provide psychologist in multiple languages, also looking for a cultural fit whenever possible.

Assistance from the best professionals

All of Wemby’s therapists are part of a vetted community of certified practitioners with multiple years of experience. They not only share remarkable professionalism and integrity but are also motivated by a genuine desire to help others.

Social Impact

Wemby is committed providing affordable services to NGOs and disadvantaged individuals.
Each employee subscribed by a company, helps us provide more accessible care.

With Wemby, companies not only can offer valuable support to their employees but at the same time, help the staff of not-for-profit organizations.

“During my time as an aid worker, I came across several staff members who had suffered burn-out and were under heavy stress conditions. Being affected myself by a near burnout experience, I realized the mental health support was inadequate, and that something had to be done. Thus, I decided to create Wemby, and dedicate myself to solve this problem. Mental health in the workplace is an issue that affects many people across all industries and countries, but which doesn’t get yet the attention it deserves.”

Alberto Fantappie, Wemby — Founder & CEO

Find out more about how Wemby can help your company at https://wemby.co and our services tailored to humanitarian organizations at http://relief.wemby.co or contact us at info@wemby for more details.


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