You should know the skills of container loading

There are usually three methods of container packing: all loaded with manpower, forklift truck (forklift) into the box, and manpower stacking and all mechanical packing. Such as pallet cargo used forklift truck in the box stacking.

1. In any case when the goods loaded, the weight of the goods can’t exceed the maximum load capacity of the container. Under normal circumstances, the total weight and weight will be marked on the container door.

2. The density of each container unit is certain. So when loading the same kind of goods in the container, as long as the density of goods, you can determine whether the heavy or light goods.

3. The load to make the load on the bottom of the balance. Especially, it is necessary to strictly prohibit the load center of gravity at one end of the situation.

4. To avoid generating a concentrated load.

5. The use of human loading should pay attention to whether the packaging “can’t be inverted”, “flat”, “vertical release” and other loading and unloading signs. Be sure to use the loading tool correctly and do not use the hand hook. The goods contained in the container are loaded neatly and packed tightly.

6, loading cargo board cargo, to accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the container and the external packaging of goods size. In order to calculate the quantity of loading.

7. With a forklift truck packing, will be the height of the mechanical lifting height and mast height restrictions.

Finally, the goods are best not to bare, at least to have a packaging, do not save space and cause damage to the goods. The general goods will be packaged, only such as large machines such as boilers, building materials and the like will be more trouble, must be tied, tied to prevent loosening. In fact, as long as careful, it will not be too much of a problem.