The next world war…

Nations involved in WW3

A lot of us know WW3 is inevitable considering the history of mankind. Many of us speculate who will be involved, now I will tell you straight up who it will involve and how it may turn out.

The allies vs North Korea?

Most likely not. From my personal observation alone it seems like the western public actually think they’re a threat. They are definitely not. Its amazing to see the reaction when the North Korean situation is brought up, relaxxxx. First of all their technology is out dated, they can barely get a missile off the ground. How are they going to compete with a 21st century super power? With the amount of sanctions of North Korea they can barely feed their own people, majority of them are also restricted to the outside world. Where will they get this hidden innovation in weaponry technology. They have no allies as well, China? Not really. They’re not on good terms and this rapidly evolving nation will not take the risk for North Korea because they’ve gotten a taste of success. It’s their crutch. Let’s not forget about this, North Korea had almost 30% of their citizens wiped off the map in the past war. Hard to recover from and it also makes you start to empathise with their current leader. A friend who is also involved in the Australian army states that they have nothing. When a country shows off they show off their second best or their best, is that all? Wars are now fought over skies not on land.

The allies vs China?

Nope. If they ever go to war it would evolve to a World War but their time is not yet and may never come. They depend too much on each other especially in the 21st century. They seem to get along, heck China is already taking over the world through immigration, jokes.

The allies vs The Middle East?

You could say this already happened. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt etc etc. Regime changes everywhere. Some wars fought without “war”. Through revolutions egged on by the allies. The true intent we will never know (pure terrorism? give me a break) but we can assume. And this is not random, this is all connected to the next war. A grand master plan. It does have its benefits for the allies. More control (implement “ally” friendly governments), control of resources, neuter the historical enemy, militarily funding, softening of citizens rights, share of the pie with Turkey and the Saudis etc etc but this all builds up the main goal. Elimination of potential threats and land control for a “Russian invasion”.

The allies vs Russia?

Yes its going to be Cold War v2. First they want the Russian people to turn on its government through the implementation of sanctions. Its in war rule book 101 to get your people to turn against you, it makes things easier and it gives you an excuse to invade a country that is “hurting its citizens”. Or you set up a false flag which has been done in the past many times… Russians are special though, they love their nation deeply. Throughout history this shows, they fight till their last man. They basically won WW2 for the allies but through western propaganda its not widely known. They love their people. Some may say its due to Russian propaganda but how biased can you be, whats the difference here.

So that’s going to be the setup, an allied attack close to Russian territory where Russia needs to involve them self or a false flag where the Russian government are screwing their own people. They already tried to blame it all on Crimea. Tensions between the two nations are already rising in Syria. We also knows its Russia because NATO is getting prepped. They’ve been getting ready for years but its getting closer and closer. The allies obtain these Russian border nations through the veil of democracy for the people. It allows them to setup weaponry closer to Russia and it stops Russia from getting back their land from the Soviet Era, less power. Lets be honest, all NATO nations are the US’ bitches, they are the single leader of the “free” world. The single thing that is stopping this from happening at this very moment is that there is no big enough scapegoat.

There needs to be balance in the world, this includes nuclear power and general weaponry. Russia and the US are the leads, having one being victorious over the other leads to a uni-polar world due to the power disparity. There are not many rulers. They is one nation under the allies under the guise of diversity. The war will be mayhem, billions possibly wiped from the earth. Everyone knows such a war will be nuclear with catastrophic consequences. Its not 1945 anymore, we all got cheat codes now and I’m voting for the underdog out of morality.

Fun fact: Never drink tea offered by a Russian.

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