To date, the web can find many ways to make money. Mining is one of the most relevant topics in this regard. A huge interest in this topic is due to the increased popularity of the crypto-currency. Despite the fact that there are a lot of projects offering to earn crypto-currency through mining, only a few of them really deserve attention. What are the differences between the AdMine project and why should it really be invested in it?

In recent years, the company’s attention has been focused on exploring the possibilities of building a banner network based on the preferences of users in the field of CPA advertising. Undoubtedly, the knowledge and experience gained in this work, speak in favor of the fact that the new project, which AdMine is going to present to the world, will serve as a solution to the problems that exist today in the digital advertising market.

The main problems existing in the digital advertising industry:

• Ineffectiveness of ongoing advertising campaigns. Not everyone who does this kind of company knows how to do this. Namely, we are talking about the fact that at the beginning of the preparation of the campaign, insufficient attention is paid to the formulation of goals and objectives, as well as the development of a specific promotion strategy. In addition, there is no clear definition of the target audience. Ultimately, all this leads to incorrect targeting and the lack of a “clear focus” in the campaign.

• The process of ordering and controlling advertising companies is associated with certain difficulties. In order to be able to successfully carry out these processes, special knowledge is needed, the lack of which leads to the fact that the funds invested in the campaign are spent in vain, and the goals are not achieved.

• Excessive obtrusiveness of advertising. Various pop-ups and banners appear so often during work in different browsers that they no longer cause any other reaction, except anger and a desire to quickly close them. As a result, many users are forced to use programs — ad blockers. According to statistics, the number of users who use such programs in 2016 increased by 30%. This reaction is quite natural and it is explained by the fact that users are literally forced to view uninteresting media content.

• Lack of good advertising spots or dependence on agency planning. Despite the fact that the popular advertising platforms take into account the desires and interest of users, their functionality is rather limited. If you seek help from intermediaries, you need to remember that the reporting provided on the results of the work performed can be ambiguous. This is due to the fact that the parameters are determined not by the customer himself, but by the person to whom he applies for help. In this case, different metrics can be used.

• Legal insecurity and fraud regarding the placement of online advertising. All kinds of social networks and applications open almost unlimited access to the collection of personal information that can be illegally used by third parties. Advertising fraud is a common phenomenon. Advertisers resort to various tricks (doorways, bots, etc.) to impose their advertising on users.

• Use complex or unreliable methods to calculate and pay for advertising campaigns. Traditional methods of calculation, involving invoicing, the provision of accounting documents, signatures and other things, are too “dragging out” the process of conducting advertising campaigns. At the same time, such “advanced” methods, like cashless settlement, can serve as a source of problems for a small business or an individual entrepreneur.

Digital advertising is the most popular format of advertising today.

According to statistical data, it is in advertising today that the greatest amount of money is invested. It is worth noting that in the advertising industry for a long time there has been a trend, according to which the most profitable format is not the traditional format of advertising in the media, but advertising online. In 2016, the volume of the online advertising industry was 158 million dollars. It is expected that by the end of 2017, this figure will increase by 3 times and reach an indicator of 558 million dollars. It is established that every year the share of Internet advertising increases by 15%. At the same time, the greatest demand is noted in the segments of video advertising and banner advertising.

According to forecasts, the rapid development of new segments of Internet advertising and their distribution to all key markets will occur by 2015. IT-platforms will become especially popular among investors, as they will “close” the needs of users.

What is the AdMine project.

Taking into account existing problems in the field of digital advertising, AdMine team decided to create a platform, which has no analogues in the whole world and which can unite the whole world. AdMine is a social network of brands that allows all participants to benefit from cooperation. The bottom line is this: the user gets the opportunity to earn crypto-currency for viewing advertising, which is of interest to him, as well as for assessing the quality of goods, providing personal data for analytical services, and so on.

Earned crypto-currency, users can exchange for other crypto-currencies or withdraw to their bank account, electronic wallet.

Advertisers, in turn, will be able to determine their target audience by eliminating all those people who are not interested in the products or services they offer, and get an objective assessment of their goods.

The goal of the project is to create a social network of brands that will attract users’ attention to advertising and, thus, increase the effectiveness of ongoing advertising campaigns.

Since interaction between users and advertisers within the system is carried out on the basis of a smart contract of the ERC20 standard, the possibility of changing the working conditions by third parties is completely excluded. All personal data is stored in a secure vault, access to which is only open to analytical programs and smart contracts. In the general access, only the performance statistics of the contract are provided.

The project also provides for the creation of a personal token — MediaCoin. MediaCoin tokens will be released on the basis of smart-contract technology. Token is the main instrument of calculations within the system, which will allow the implementation of a financial system that is independent of the quotations of currencies on exchanges. For the purpose of ICO, a limited number of tokens will be issued, with a total volume of 100 000 00. At the end of the ICO, unsold tokens will be deleted. Thus, the absence of inflation will be guaranteed and the value of the token will be kept at the required level. Tokens can also be exchanged on the exchange of the system for profit. The conditions for their distribution are set out in a smart contract and are available to every potential investor.

Project development: the main dates.

The initial sale of tokens will start on December 18, 2017.

By February 2018, it is planned to create a convenient and easy-to-use electronic wallet, to which users can withdraw their crypto-currency and from which they can translate the crypto-currency to other users in the process of trade and exchange.

March 19, 2018 starts ICO.

In June 2018, it is planned to launch a web — interface, which includes a web — based office for an advertising exchange, an advertiser and a user.

In August 2018, the working version of the mobile platform will be launched. The start of the project is also scheduled for this time.

The AdMine project is world-wide and will be available in all languages ​​and platforms!

More detailed information on the project AdMine, as well as information on the conditions of the ICO and the project development plan is set out in White paper. If you are interested in this project, you can learn more about it from popular social networks and on the official website of the project itself.