AdMine project and the goals of ICO

We often share with you information about the AdMine project and the goals of its access to the ICO. It’s time to tell you a little about what has already been done by our team to date. And this, I must say, a lot!

It all started in August 2017 — with the development of the plan and design of the financial part of the AdMine system, the presentation of the business idea and the formation of the team. Then came the stage of design work, within which we collected a prototype of our project and formulated the requirements for the system.

Continuing to develop the project, we explored the potential of the system, created a website, developed the wallets of the users of the platform. In November 2017, after the completion of the site, we were ready for the cold launch of our product — during this period the first version of the program was launched in the registration mode, infographics were generated, and users’ wallets were launched.

And only after that, in December 2017, we launched the Pre-Sale ICO project AdMine, in parallel with which we continue to work on the development of the product core, the implementation of the interface part, the launch of the project and integration into the platform of smart contracts.

Thus, by investing in the AdMine project, you finance not a naked idea, but an already developed and created product! Hurry up to take part in the most profitable stage of the ICO of our Pre-Sale project, which will last until February 11, 2018.