Unique personal data with AdMine

Jan 24, 2018 · 1 min read

Each user who views advertising is the bearer of unique personal data — information about the person (age and sex), education, interests, preferences, available languages, location, etc.

With these data, the advertiser can use them to form an effective advertising campaign, focused only on the interested audience. This will allow him to exclude empty impressions of advertising and save his financial means.

The architecture of the advertising platform AdMine is designed in such a way that, when viewing advertising, users can keep anonymity and transfer their personal data only to a smart contract that is working in an autonomous mode, without operator intervention.

In addition, each user of the system has the opportunity to provide the advertiser with their personal data, having received in exchange for it a crypto currency. More information about our high-tech advertising platform AdMine is available at https://admine.io