Closing Debate Remarks 10/23

Photo Source: WBUR

Thank you to the organizers of this debate. These are important conversations to be having and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

As you saw tonight, there are some very clear differences between my opponents and me.

The stakes of this election are high and the outcome matters.

I believe that we need new leaders who are focused on making health care and prescription drugs more affordable;

Ensuring that people who are battling cancer, diabetes and MS have the security of knowing that they’re health insurance will be there for them;

And that Medicare and Social Security are protected for our seniors.

Leaders who put working and middle class families first; and not corporation and special interests;

Leaders who know how to work with republicans and democrats to ensure that our communities are safe and that our children’s future is secure —

Common sense gun legislation;

Comprehensive immigration reform;

Eradicating the opioid addiction;

Protecting our environment;

Investing in education that sets our young people up for opportunity and success.

I am excited about the opportunity join a new breed of leaders — many of whom are women — in Washington to get things done and be an effective representative for the district I’ve always called home.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th or tomorrow if that’s easier for you.