The near crash of Air Canada flight 759

Aug 3 · 18 min read
An Air Canada A320 awaits takeoff at an airport gate. Image source:
The window of Circadian low and its effect on pilot fatigue. Image source: Code7700
The NOTAM received by the pilots of flight 759, with runway closure information highlighted. Image source: the NTSB
Map of SFO with closed runway 28L. Image source: the NTSB
Runway light configurations seen by approaching pilots that night. Image source: the NTSB
CCTV captures Air Canada flight 759 (red) on final approach. Image source: the NTSB
Full CCTV clip of the moment of the attempted landing and go-around. Video source: the NTSB
Diagram of the actual flight path and worst case scenario flight path. Image source: the NTSB, with my added annotations.
Top-down view of flight 759’s flight path. Image source: the NTSB
View of parallel runways and taxiway at SFO. Image source: FlySFO
Simulation picture of flight 759 passing over United flight 1. Image source: The Flight Channel


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