Study in India With leading universities like Mumbai University now ranking among the top global institutions for a whole range of factors right from billionaire alumni to best cities to live in, students globally are beginning to look at Study in India more seriously. This coupled with the fact that average fees for even the best institutions in India are almost at 1/10th the course fees for several other countries, makes this a destination of choice for students intending to study abroad. While there are many websites that share information about the application process, the application process in itself is rather tedious and long.

Study in India at best colleges with guidance and scholarships.

Apply to best Indian Institutions in less than 5 minutes

Admission Desk is the only portal that ensures that application to the best Indian Institutes is easy and hassle-free. With Admission Desk, students can apply directly to institutions, colleges, and universities of their choice in less than 5 minutes by simply uploading scans of their transcripts or mark-sheets and passport copies.

No application fees unless you take admission!

Students can now apply to any number of colleges and courses without any application fees. No payments whatsoever unless students decide to take up admission from the college of choice! This is one of the most useful features of Admission Desk as it saves many students globally several hundreds of dollars.

Single form, unlimited applications!

Students can now apply to more than 1000 of India’s leading colleges and universities for over 5000 courses with a single application form, that too with just their transcripts. Once the college offers admission, students can even complete the payment online in less than 5 clicks!

Apply from the comfort of your home

Now, you do not need to courier your application hard copies anymore if you apply via Admission Desk. Simply upload your transcripts or mark-sheets and your passport copy on the desktop version of Admission Desk, choose your course and college and apply. As simple as that!

Largest choice of leading Indian Institutes and courses from one website

Admission Desk directly connects students to institutions. Students can choose from over 5000 courses and over 1000 colleges and universities with a simple free registration and email verification. All they have to do is ensure that their cell phone numbers and their email ids have been entered correctly. Admission Desk connects with institutions that have courses which are globally recognized, thus ensuring that students don’t have a challenge when they come to India to study

Friendly Counselors

Admission Desk has friendly counselors who can help students complete their applications and resolve any queries regarding institutions they should apply to. This makes it easier for students to decide which course or college they should pursue!

Choose from the top colleges

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