Top courses that offer best job opportunities in India

Top courses that offer best job opportunities in India

India has been traditionally formulated in terms of professional languish, and from decades on the most revered career options have been that of a Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Government professionals and those with no free quarters ended up in their traditional business outfit. But these stereotypical norms are breaking free- India stands as a nation with the largest tertiary population in the world, with over 400 million between the age group of 10–24 years old. Today, we are known as a land of Start-ups, App developers, Marketing gurus, Artists, Writers, Fitness experts and even Investment bankers to name a few. The last decade has seen a rise in never heard of career choices and the best part being that they are being educated, trained and even perusing their career in India.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the top 10 career options based on courses offered in India, and their job feasibility study:

1. Growth hackers: They are predominantly consultants specializing in target oriented marketing strategy pulled across all marketing channels. Their functions cross over into dimensions of planning, research, strategy building, and product development with an aim to identify the most effective yet efficient way to growth a business. This is a generic discipline mainly taking into its purview management professionals.

Minimum Qualification: BBA/MBA
 Salary range: Rs 60,000 to Rs 3 lakhs a month

2. Technical Writers: A technical writer is far from different, from the creative writers or content/marketing writers that are growing in abundance. These are specific writers who simply technical inputs required in any technical document like instruction manuals, product descriptions, white papers, design specifications, project plans, test plans, business correspondence, etc. To be able to be descriptive and simplify procedures, they themselves need to be trained in that particular technology or service area. Hence many software companies also assign qualified Engineers to this task, but in most cases graduation is a must.

Minimum Qualification: Graduate/BBA/BCA
 Salary range: Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh a month

3. Social media Managers: Social media managers are akin to brand managers nowadays, managing entire marketing and brand profiling online. The virtual space is highly dynamic and things spread on like live fire once they go viral. It’s one of the new kids on the block, as most professionals in this field have lesser than 10 years of experience in this specialization. These are the key people in maintaining a brand’s social media reputation.
 Minimum Qualification: Graduate/BA/BCom/BBA
 Salary range: Rs 30,000 to Rs 2 lakhs a month

4. SEO Analysts: This profession is an extension of social media and growth hacker. However with start-ups mushrooming in India, brands keep a separate SEO analyst. While the main job is to read between the lines of your Google search and internet surfing, these professionals graduate can also double up as content writers for social media platform
 Minimum Qualification: Graduate/BA/BCom/BBA/BCA
 Salary range: Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh a month.

5. Medical specialists: Even as an age old profession, the charm around the medical field has not faded a bit in India, and globally as well. What has changed, is the dynamism and the competition to access in specialized field. A plain simple MBBS or BDS is not much revered now, among Medical professionals, general and thoracic surgeons, psychiatrists, anesthetists and gynecologists earn highest.

Minimum Qualification: MD, MS, PG Diploma post MBBS/BDS

Salary range: Rs 50,000 to Rs 4 lakh a month

6. New age Engineers: Engineering as a profession has never fallen out of fashion in India, and we still are one of the largest producers and recruiting nation for Engineers. Right from super specialty options like petroleum or aeronautical engineering to the more popular options like Software, IT or electronic engineering. It is profession made for creators- and the best in the field get their choicest career options and a hefty pay cheque as well.

Minimum Qualification: B.Tech

Salary range: Rs 30,000 to Rs 2 lakh a month

7. Charted Accountants: Chartered Accountancy is not an easy career to pursue and is associated with lifelong learning. CA is meant to keep track of financials affairs of businesses big and small. This profession is generally bound by its own association, examination and internship procedure before getting authentic validation to practice. The professional scope of a CA is wide spread; corporate houses have in-house CAs while some others hire CAs for auditing and similar accounts related tasks.

Minimum Qualification: CA

Salary range: Rs 35,000 to Rs 5 lakh a month

8. Investment bankers: An Investment banker is a financial analyst and a key decision maker in the business and financial zone. They are not the usual bankers working in private or nationalized bank. One can follow this sector from any stream — science, commerce or arts. However, it is important to have competency in maths, economics and business studies on the path. The career of an investment banker generally follows a standard path with five levels including Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Director and Managing Director.

Minimum Qualification: BBA/MBA/ Finance specialization

Salary range: Rs 40,000 to Rs 7 lakh a month

9. Corporate Lawyers: India’s legal system is streamlining, supported by a nationwide growth in corporate culture. Unlike in the past, a formal structure within law firms is assuring a formal work format, standardized pay structure and career growth pattern. Also, host of corporate, business firms and brands are investing in having their own legal team to look into day to day matters for legal assistance- ranging from court room representation to board room formatting.

Minimum Qualification: LLB

Salary range: Rs 40,000 to Rs 5 lakh a month

10. Fashion & entertainment professionals: India is most popular for its Fashion and entertainment industry through Bollywood. And this stream too is getting in a whole new set of professionals, from managers managing production houses, to directors and actors getting professional training at renowned institutes- the industry is coming up to order, and is revered alongside any other profession nowadays.

Minimum Qualification: Bachelor in fashion designing/Acting courses/ BBA/ Event Management

Salary range: Rs 20,000 to Rs 2 lakh a month

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