6 Tips for creating the WOW factor in your next sales pitch!

by: Jennifer James

Today I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on how to create a great pitch, because it isn’t as simple or complicated as it seems. I have been doing presentations, pitches, facilitation, workshops etc. for over 20 years now. What I’ve learned along the way is the equation for success lies in the WOW factor you bring to these pitches and presentations. I can also tell you that I’ve only learned this equation by failing a few times (which can be embarrassing and frustrating) as well as hitting it out of the park a whole lot too. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Creativity + Strategy = WOW

If the first two parts of this equation, creativity and strategy, are working together in harmony you can create some real magic. A lot of times these two are working in silos, but they need to learn to work together. Not always common but entirely achievable and again magnificent. I wanted to share with you an example of a great Creative and Strategic presenter and presentation:

Creativitiy + Strategy = WOW

So, what do I mean by creativity? I’m not simply talking about colour matching and building a beautiful PowerPoint presentation (although both are very important). Here’s what I like to think about when putting together my “creativity”, list so to speak:

1. Customer First: you need the ability to think through the eyes of the client or audience and portray the client’s creative vision realistically.

2. Innovation: always stay on top of the trends and new ways of working, know when it applies and appeals to specific customers, and always allow those innovations to find their way into your presentations appropriately.

3. Brand Messaging: always stay on brand.

Check out this great article from Circle Up, 2016, highlighting some of the most innovative and creative brands including Lemonade, S’well, Umami Burger, Crossfit and many more:

Now when I discuss strategic I think some people lose sight of what this means. Nowadays it’s cool to be strategic and everyone I know thinks they are, but truthfully, are you? Are all roles meant to be strategic? The truth is no. But when you are creating a presentation to sell internally or externally you do need to be strategic. Here are some of things I think about and include on my strategic list:

1. Enterprise thinking: you need the ability to think cross-functionally, market wide, and cross industry in their assessment and solutioning. No silos here!

2. Relationships and Collaboration: all of the solutions designed must start and end with the customer/client (either internal or external) and understanding their needs. Building strength in your relationships both internally and externally to pull the necessary levers on who is involved when to bring the presentation together is key.

3. Messaging with purpose and influence: It’s all about defining the key messaging around a purpose or vision, and ultimately creating buy-in through influencing.

Creativity + Strategy = WOW

Marry these two things together and I promise you some WOW people! Are you creating WOW? What’s missing?? If you’re curious… let’s talk! jen@admitone.ca

Until next time…