When it comes to Marketing and start-ups, I find myself often having conversations about getting back to the basics. With some companies and individuals, we even go right back to the beginning to rebuild and evolve.

Are you just starting a new business? Are you excited to have finally figured out your company name? Maybe you’ve even figured out your brand identity too? So… what’s next? What do you do first with these two big accomplishments under your belt?

It can feel overwhelming on what it takes to make a business successful even if your confident in a direction you’ve chosen… That’s normal. I want to start to replace those emotions with confidence and clarity. I am going to start by taking you back to the basics. Out of the gate I want to define exactly what Marketing is and why as a start-up and established business or organization you need it (and I’m not talking about you just sitting there nodding your head and saying “Yeah yeah — I know I need it”) It’s important to understand the reasons “why” so we can believe in what we are looking to achieve.

What is Marketing? Here is a quick YouTube video overview from Informer providing the definition of Marketing.

What is Marketing?

Now that you understand the meaning it’s important to understand why. Here’s some things to think about…

1. Helps you to gain insights

2. Track performance

3. Create product

4. Deliver the value on product

5. Communicate that value and create excitement

I want to share a really exciting Ted Talks with you by Seth Godin (an oldie but a goodie). Seth focuses on how you get your ideas spread which is the essential concept behind Marketing.

TedTalks by Seth Godin

This is only the beginning… Take these ideas and start thinking about the ‘WHYS’ for your product, service, and brand. In my next conversation, we will explore where to start and how to play!

Until next time…