Vice President, Admit One Productions

Hi, my name is Jen James or JJ. I am the official other half of the Admit One team and my role at Admit One Productions is different than that of Courtney’s, the ying to the yang so to speak. I have spent the past twenty years evolving my career through many roles with a focus on retail, marketing strategy, operations, and business management. All the while as I have wound my way through I have found myself seeing a common theme, a need to dig deeper, a want for more, a craving to find my passion. I am a Senior Consultant at Fifth P Solutions and Co-Founder and VP at Admit One Productions. I am passionate about film, not the same way my partner is, but in striving to exceed client expectations (internal and external), creating unique and identifiable experiences, organization, efficiencies and transparency in our processes and always delivering quality for the best value possible. I only started in the film industry about 9 years ago, 3 months after I met my husband and now business partner, and from there it has become a lifelong commitment. My focus in film prior to the creation of Admit One Productions was my experience working in Entertainment Marketing at HBC and Segal Licensing. I was the Canadian rep for Marvel, Hasbro, MGM and other brands negotiating their retail marketing strategies and licensing deals. It was a fantastic role; fun, challenging, global, dynamic — but completely different than being behind the camera! One of the exciting projects I worked on and brought to life across Canada was the original Iron Man. Creating the Canadian specific retail go to market strategy and licensing deals for this incredible brand was challenging and educational. We worked with National retailers with the likes of Wal-Mart, Couchetard, Sears, Canadian Tire and many others to make sure that customers could get all of the great Iron Man products they wanted or needed as the movie released across the country.

I am about to have my 40th birthday and I couldn’t be more excited about where I am. As we begin to reposition our company, www.admitone.ca , I know we are just starting a whole new exciting adventure. Thank you for making the time to get to know us and stay tuned!

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