What makes me persist down the road of discovery with Admit One? It has always been, and continues to be, passion and belief….

Filming on location in Miami, year 1

I wrote a blog a week ago on my experiences with being married to your business partner. It got me thinking a lot and I want to share more with you about the partnership by telling you story… this goes back almost ten years. I had just turned 30….

Happy 30th!

I was confident in where I was going and who I wanted to be at this milestone in my life. I thought I knew what I wanted but then suddenly one night out of the blue, I was out with my friends doing what most single 30 years olds do — Clubbing — and I was introduced to a sexy stranger on the dance floor — Courtney James. I can still remember what he was wearing, who he was with and how our night played out but most importantly I remember how passionate he was about his purpose and direction in life as a filmmaker. It was that very night that he shared his vision with me, that he first carved out his story about, what would become our first documentary feature, The Global Groove Network (GGN). Check out this clip from the movie…

Labour of Love — Another great GGN Video experience!

At the time I had no idea what it meant for us, the path it would lead us down, the struggles we would face together or the victories we would win. I did know one thing, I had met someone with a passion and belief system I had not witnessed in many. Over the next 7 years we dedicated our lives to The Global Groove Network brand. It was the fundamental belief we had that this was meant to be and we used our passion for dance music and the culture to drive the GGN message that ultimately lead to our sale of the project to CBC in Canada and global distribution in 2014. This was one of the hardest financial and mental journeys we both have taken, but there was not a fleeting moment that Courtney turned around and stopped believing, regardless of the obstacles. It is this that I admire most.

This passion and persistent belief in the end goal has challenged me to new heights and allowed me to see things beyond what I normally would. This mindset has been brought forward to each and every project we have encountered and has grown stronger every year. As we have forged forward in 2016 with our re-branding we have had the fortunate opportunity to work on some very exciting and new endeavours both Corporately and in our Feature Production portfolio. The passion and belief continues to thrive, until next time…

Raveage — Coming soon