I realized I had to write a blog about this, or maybe even two because I get a lot of questions specifically on this topic. How do you have a great marriage to someone you also work with? How do you separate work and love? I will start by saying I’m not sure there is just one answer to this question. I will also say I don’t think there is a well thought out strategy. Here’s what I do know.

Courtney and I met in October of 2006, he was just in the starting phase of building his first documentary film, The Global Groove Network, which we both strongly believed in from the moment he shared the story and vision with me.

GGN on location in Miami (WMC)

I knew right then I was in trouble. He proposed to me two days after we met, three months later we were married, and our company, Admit One Productions was incorporated a month after that. We were destined to be partners for love, life and work — forever soulmates.

We learned very quickly, in building our business that we both brought extremely different talents and mindsets to the table. Courtney is extremely creative, dramatic, a fantastic storyteller, captivating, and the life of the room. I am more of the silent partner, business strategy, marketing savvy, brand creator, and editor in chief (Please don’t confuse the word silent partner thinking that I am actually a silent persona — quite to the contrary — HaHa). We also learned quickly that we are both very strong minded and opinionated. We knew we had to separate work and life or it could potentially be catastrophic and consuming. So we consciously made huge efforts to do just that. Work was work, and any and all opinions related to that were separated from what happened at home (also our physical office). None of this has been terribly easy. But all of it has been incredibly rewarding. After our first 7 years of hard work and balance we achieved what we set out to the night we met… we sold our documentary feature The Global Groove Network (GGN) to the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) and distributed the film globally through Amazon, Vimeo, and Hulu.

GGN Official Teaser

A few things I can tell you that I learned along the way that have led to our partnership success:

1) Pick your battles — sometimes you need to let your partner win, even if you know the end result is loss. We all learn differently. Winning and losing together strengthens your partnership and growth.

2) Listen — for two highly opinionated and strong willed people this has been the utmost important thing for both of us. We both contribute value add to the company and we both have genuinely important things to say. Listen with mind, body and soul and then collaborate on action.

3) Support — support each other. Sometimes the ideas or opinions may not seem ideal, revolutionary or aligned but at the end of the day if there is passion, intent and a strong business case, support your partner in achieving their dream. It is always rewarding.

4) Love — love each other every day and never forget to do that.

5) Trust — trust each other’s decisions. Have confidence in each other’s abilities and knowledge. Don’t question the little stuff. There are usually bigger mountains to climb.

These are guidelines I’ve learned to follow and I thought I would share them with you. That’s all for now, I wish you the best of success! Until next time…