The choice of significance

It had been a few weeks of settling in the new city. I had moved into one of these large apartment societies that dot the urban landscape. One fine morning, I noticed the thousands of windows in the urban jungle , filled with silhouettes. Millions of souls fluttering in their cells , in various corners of the hive. I had just started to wonder at the disconnected fragments I could witness at a glance , when I realized it was but a giant mirror. I am , in spite of all my attempts and plans for significance , a spec on the window pain somewhere. And just when I started to realize a vision of heart wrenching insignificance about my existence, I got this phone call.

It was my Boss , asking for discussion on strategy for an important client meeting on the following day. After half an hour of an involved discussion, I tried to sink back to my new found feeling of listlessness. But my thoughts were interrupted by a friend who walked in with steaming cups of my favorite coffee. Her wedding date close by , she needed to garner some advice on the best venues and photographers. The day further saw me running some meetings for a small business venture my father is starting on.

The day had gone really well. I had successfully eased my team’s nerves for the client call. Connecting with an old friend, to prepare a welcome occasion was entertaining as usual. I broke some new grounds with the connections and things looked really positive for my family’s venture.

It was well into the thick dark before I entered my apartment again .The silence and calm was a welcome feeling. A pint of of my favorite brew and Charles Bradley on the stereo , I was ready to settle in when I noticed that window again.

The dark window panes from the day were now bright stars across the city horizon. I noticed the contentment I felt from a day well spent, bringing and receiving another day’s worth or progress and happiness , for and from the people around me. And I realized , the sound of thousand other heartbeats from behind those glittering windows , beating alongside mine , adding to the rhythm of life.

We are not a billion specs of dust , we are a billion stars lighting up our galaxy as we burn or fade.