1.2 Prototype of my app

After thinking of an app idea it was time for me to design a prototype of the app. Prototype of an app is basically building the wireframes ,which are the visual blueprints of the screens of the app. I used proto.io to build the build it. It is a very user-friendly tool which helps us to build interactive prototypes.

Proto.io has many useful tutorial videos. Although I was having a little problem in understanding how to take a user-input value and use it elsewhere , this page helped me to understand that.

Here is the link to the prototype of my App Clairvoyant .

It is an app where the user needs to think of an Indian celebrity and then the app asks the user a series of questions with answer-options as yes or no , without directly asking the name of the celebrity. On the basis of the answers the app tries to guess the name of the celebrity.

In this blog I am explaining my screens one by one.

Screen 1:


In screen-1 there is not much to explain. It’s a simple login screen. Also a user can go to the registration screen( screen-2) by clicking on “Not a member? register”.



Again this is a simple registration screen for new users. Username, mail-id and password is required for signing in.

Screen 3:

Here the user gets to see his account details. By clicking on the question mark at the top-left corner of the screen user can quickly gain an understanding of what the app does. Also one can see the stats( how many times the app has guesses correctly and how many times it has failed). Clicking on the Play button takes the user to the main game page. The user can also logout by pressing the icon at the top-right corner.



Here the app asks the user a series of question with three possible answers- “Yes” , “No”, “Don’t know” . The needs to answer these to the best of his/her knowledge by clicking the appropriate button. The user can quit anytime by clicking on “quit” .



This is the last screen. Here the app shows its guess. If the answer matches the name of celebrity the user has thought of then the app takes the user back to screen-3 to start a new game. Else,on wrong answer, the user is taken to screen-4 and the game continues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please give your valuable feedback about concept, UI or anything else that may come to your mind.

Here is the link to the prototype of my App Clairvoyant .