2. Activity: #Juststart Project and Edhi Sb reading

I have read Edhi Sb book and what I really liked is his contribution towards the welfare of the humanity. He was not shy to help anyone irrespective of its caste,religion or gender. What I really want to relate is when some adult boys were teasing a person and Edhi Sb was young in front them and yet he stood for that person and got beaten by those boys. So the point is he stood for the person irrespective what the result can be so start whatever you want to start is and just believe in yourself.

What I have started in a juststart project is exercising. Now , it is a bit strange but to come out of my comfort zone and start exercising was one of the toughest works I used to face as you have to put effort to do this but fortunately I have come over it and started doing exercise on daily basis.

The Challenges which I have to face through it was the initiative. To start this activity was itself the biggest challenge. Next , to start it with continuous effort was difficult too but somehow i managed to do it.

It was on the whole a great experience. Doing what you have wished that you can start doing someday. It feels really good and one starts to feel good and confident about himself.

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