The Talos Principle: Review

The Talos Principle is a First Person Puzzle Solver on the surface, but deep down it is a serious conversation on what classifies a thing as ‘living’ as opposed to an elaborate machine. The game starts with ancient philosophy and goes all the way to modern science in order to explain our understanding of life; which forms the backbone narrative of the game.

The puzzles take place in multiple levels which are connected to a hub world. The hub worlds are designed around a particular theme and the puzzles it is connected to, share the theme. Each world introduces a new puzzle mechanic and it gradually gets difficult as players progress further up the levels.

The Talos Principle is one of those games which make the players stop and think. It respects the ideals of people who believe faith as well as science. It provides answers, but also works to raise even more questions about life and the purpose of it. The game ends up with not only scratching our problem-solving parts of the brain, but also wipes the lense of our perception of the world around us — which is the reason why I think the game is really special.

9/10 — Excellent!

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