Introducing Dash — Your Copilot for World Building

Adnan Chaumette
3 min readAug 15


At Polygonflow, we’ve worked for the past 2.5 years on GraphN, a workflow automation software that aims to make the 3D creative process more focused on artistic decision-making. Today, GraphN sheds its skin to become Dash, a better, easier, friendlier, and faster toolset that’s made for artists by artists.
Download Dash — POLYGONFLOW.IO

Dash presents a novel approach to world building: You can go full screen in UE5, and through the Dash prompt bar, create an entire environment, without knowing anything about Unreal Engine.

This makes UE5 effectively approachable by anyone. You can check our trailer to see what that translates to, and we’ll share a more extensive workflow video a few paragraphs below.

Introducing Dash for Unreal Engine 5 — YouTube

How it Works

Dash takes every step of the 3D creative process and makes it either a prompt or drag and drop away. You can for example write “create a terrain”, followed by a drag and drop of a material, then a scatter of some plants simply by drag and dropping them on your newly created terrain.

Every other step, all the way to post processing, follows a similar process. And since Dash is built on the work we did on GraphN, what you end up with is a scene with fully parametric systems.

Whether it’s the scatter system, material settings, decal placement and anything else, our backend gives you full control of every step. This is something we’ve put a lot of work into, as we didn’t want to end within the confines of AI systems that generate everything for you, making it hard to take pride in your work as an artist.

What’s Available Now

This release ships with the new Dash prompt bar, which helps you create terrains, cameras, primitives and color grading presets, and the Content Library, which displays all Quixel Bridge content you’ve downloaded.
Combined, the Dash prompt bar and Content Library lay the ground work for a state of the art experience in world building.

What’s Coming Next

Our main challenge ahead is the continuous process of trying to create diverse environments, automating away any mundane task that comes in the process, and giving you those features right away.
First, this’ll translate to new features that enable physics-based placement, custom content support in the Content Library, and easier modular environment workflows. We’ll be shipping such features each month, along with gradual upgrades of our context-sensitive tools.

Beyond that, we’re looking at extensive control of landscape creation, scatter systems, composition tools, sky/cloud generation, and so much more.

Needless to say, the next 12 months will be jampacked with new features and updates to existing ones. As it stands, the art world is fighting the tendency of traditional software such as Unreal Engine to grow in complexity as they add more features, and the one-click solution that AI is giving, whilst taking away the joy we have in the creative process.

With Dash, our goal is to break the status quo and give you a truly novel solution that helps you create art that you can be proud of.

You can head over to and download Dash right now. You’ll love it!



Adnan Chaumette

Founder & CEO at Polygonflow