Leading Lady of Authentic Aging

CarolAnn Tutera, who leads SottoPelle Therapy, has become an advocate and influencer for health and wellness in the aging demographic.

CarolAnn Tutera is the co-founder and CEO of SottoPelle Therapy®, an international company that trains medical providers on SottoPelle’s proprietary methodology of working with bio identical hormones. As a medical entrepreneur she has won numerous awards and recognition for her ability to succeed in a male dominated industry. She has become the leading lady of Authentic Aging and someone who commands respect in the bio identical hormone therapy field.

In 2018, CarolAnn was featured in “Arizona women shatter glass ceiling in healthcare.” She has gained much of her success by mentoring and recognizing the talent in others. No success can be sustained if not led by someone who sees the value of people. When discussing her stance on leadership CarolAnn notes “You need to be compassionate with your employees. You need a vision that they follow, you need to be effective in communicating with them and you need an open-door policy with them.” (1) This recognition in the value of people extends to the patients and medical providers within the SottoPelle family.

SottoPelle Therapy started over two decades ago, as the dream of CarolAnn and her late husband the renowned physician Dr. Gino Tutera. But, it was her passion and persistence in the day to day operations that propelled the dream into a reality. Her fortitude has been the foundation in the company’s growth as a respected brand. In the article “17 Reasons Women Make Great Leaders” the attributes of what makes successful women leaders are defined by the women themselves.

“Women make great leaders as we are natural multitaskers. The ability to decisively and quickly respond to simultaneous and different tasks or problems at a time is a critical component to successful leadership.” — Carolann Tutera, SottoPelle®

As any company becomes successful, what makes it a noteworthy brand is not what it sells, but how it impacts people and their lives. How that company is led is paramount to its rise and meeting the important goals of making a difference. It takes someone like CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle Therapy to direct that difference.

What also sets CarolAnn apart as a leader and influencer is her dedication and persistence. She encompasses all that most want to become and has done it by helping people every day change their lives. After her late husband’s passing, she was faced with not only a new challenge of continuing his legacy and dream, but defining a new one for herself. She became even more steadfast in her mission to promote education and advocacy not only for hormone therapy but the total integration of balance into our lifestyles. Her greatest attribute is her ability to redefine herself and grow. She is always seeking new avenues to grow and become the best she can be too.

SottoPelle® was created and has subsequently flourished because of her dedication to people and improving the quality of their lives. The next step and evolution for SottoPelle is to support the growth of empowerment in the fifty and over age demographic. CarolAnn understands and advocates that “you can be the best you want to be at any age”. Agism and the negative connotations associated with getting older are slowly dissipating under the careful watch of CarolAnn Tutera. Her newly launched podcast “Adventures in Aging “on iTunes candidly explores the complexities, challenges and obtainable joy that can be achieved with humor and balance.

The people positively impacted by SottoPelle are diverse in age, gender, occupation and/or sexual orientation. SottoPelle helps people in a natural but medically based therapeutic manner. Focused not on just disbursing a quick fix, but addressing all aspects of someone’s health, physical and mental well-being. The SottoPelle Lifestyle is not just about the remedy but about the partnerships it creates with patients in advocating for their health. CarolAnn has created an international community of medical providers and patients who support balanced living.

This has proved challenging over the years as change and champions of that change are often perceived as controversial. CarolAnn has held steadfast in supporting the mission, determination and dedication to the only thing that matters — helping people. Common sense coupled with naturally based Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy delivered via a medically based and proven protocol, has elevated SottoPelle to success with its patients and as a corporate entity.

Notably, CarolAnn has led the charge in advancing the Healthy and Balanced approach to authentic aging. She has supported many people via a plethora of charitable organizations for veterans and athletes impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

CarolAnn prides herself in being authentic to others and herself. She believes that anything is attainable with “Balance & Expertise”. Many companies can provide similar therapies and most were even trained by Dr. Gino Tutera, but if you want to be authentic to yourself and embrace aging why would go to anyone but the best?

To find balance and be her best, CarolAnn stresses the value of an overall holistic and integrated approach that she has come to call the SottoPelle Lifestyle. “Your way of life is typically established by a pattern of habits or behaviors over time. As we age, how we use our time and energy becomes a topic of focus and concern for many.” CarolAnn advises “it is never too late to refocus and redirect your energy to have the life you want at any age.”

It is important to couple longevity with an increased quality of life. CarolAnn supports regular meditation, exercise, eating nutritiously, balanced hormones and seeking out your own “Adventure in Aging.” She found inspiration in LifeFit®, a program of low intensity formative exercises for integrated transformation. This unique method focuses on biomechanics and utilizes the innate strength within each person’s complete bio structure to maximize their strength physically and mentally. CarolAnn stresses that “Everyone has to find their preferred medium to maximize their lifestyle and achieve overall balance; anything that keeps you active, happy and healthy is the ultimate goal.”

As a sixty something, CarolAnn beams she has never felt more vibrant and happier. “I strive every day to learn something new and direct my life towards positive energy through my work and helping people. I have discovered there is no one panacea for aging, but finding a healthy lifestyle and balance puts you on the right path. As the old cliché says: age is just a number, don’t let yourself be defined by how old you are but how young you feel.”

The qualities that have made CarolAnn a great leader are those that have supported SottoPelle’s success — it’s her dedication to helping others. This has established SottoPelle® as an admired company. Admiration and respect is carefully earned not only by what is made, sold or offered but the influence and positive impact achieved every day on people. When a company name has become an acronym for a specific product it’s because it has become a successful integration into people’s lives. When you need bio identical hormone therapy — people think and trust SottoPelle®. When you think leadership — follow CarolAnn Tutera.

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(2) https://replicon.com%2Fblog%2F17-reasons-women-make-great-leaders%2F&psig=AOvVaw1jRmrWLR1YfDkL3QRyfp9X&ust=1560381968527278


SottoPelle® is an international leader in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information about SottoPelle® and to find a trained Doctor visit: http://www.sottopelletherapy.com

Hormone replacement should NEVER be based on guesswork, or one-size-fits-all dosages. Imprecise dosing may provide short term relief of symptoms but does not achieve long term or sustainable hormonal balance that everyone needs for healthy aging. Bio-identical hormones have been extensively researched and studied since 1939 for use as a natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy.

Corporate Contact: Carolann Tutera

Phone: (480) 874–1515 ext. 229


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